Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Things I Wish I Knew Whilst I Was Relaxed That Would Have Saved My Hair

Hey Doves!

I was just reflecting on the reason why I went natural, which was because I had unhealthy relaxed hair. So I figured if I left it undisturbed, my poor thinning hair would regain its once lush, thick, healthy state. But as you most know, by the time I went natural there was some improvement but my hair was still unhealthy because I did not fully understand healthy hair care.

Knowing what I know now, I realised I could have kept healthy relaxed hair if I knew the tricks and science of healthy hair care.  This post is dedicated to those who are just about giving up on their relaxed hair but aren't ready to go natural. Relaxed hair can be healthy too. So why would a natural head be writing about relaxed hair care? Well I don't discriminate across hair types. I just want everyone to have the healthiest hair possible whether it is relaxed or natural. I've also realised that we can each learn something from each other. Lastly, the basics of healthy hair care are generally the same for both relaxed and natural, with the exception of a few rules. So why not spread the love?

Into the post we dive!!

1. Don't leave the relaxer in until your hair until it burns

Most of us equate burning with straight and fully relaxed hair. Many a hair dresser will tell you it's not time to rinse if it's not burning. Well that's not true.  A relaxer breaks down certain proteins in your hair which allow it to straighten permanently. Burning simply means the chemicals in the relaxer are breaking down the proteins on your scalp skin. So try as much as possible to avoid leaving it to burn.  Most instantly remember the wincing as you rinse and the scabs you have for the next few weeks after you relax. Just smooth until you have the desired straightness, probably 15 to 20 minutes maximum ( for course hair). And then rinse out. You will find that not only will your hair be thicker over time, it will also be stronger.