Thursday, 26 February 2015

DIY Protein Treatment Wash Day - Sunday 22 February

Hi Doves

It has certainly been a long while since I posted a wash day.
Im going to give you a run down of my latest cleansing session. Unfortunately no pics as I just thought of them as I was writing this post (too absorbed in chatter lol).

I decided to do a DIY protein treatment as my hair was feeling rather soft and mushy and had a bit of breakage. So off to my aunt's place I went and decided to take advantage of the avocados and eggs there to pamper myself.

1. Finger detangled and preshampoo/protein treatment with a mix of blended avocado, 1 guinea fowl egg (yes guinea fowl and it worked well I might add), castor oil, some ors replenishing conditioner and a dollop of honey. Left that on for 30 to 40 mins then rinsed.
2. Shampooed with Sunsilk Co-Creations Anti Damage Shampoo to clarify. Left my scalp squeaky clean.

Friday, 20 February 2015

Product Review: Glyco-Lemon Leave On Conditioner

Hi Doves

This was the first ever leave-in conditioner I purchased when I started my healthy hair journey. I use this and Dr Miracle's Curl Care Leave In Conditioner in alternation. Im not one to mess with leave-ins because they are the life or death of my hair. I can have a bad wash day  with products that don't agree, but my leave-in will save me. That is why in all my journey, I have only ventured into these two. DC's come and go, but these no *lols* And when I'm low on cash, the glyco-lemon is my go-to. About time I reviewed it!

Purchased at Pick n Pay for N$ 18. Also available at spar, checkers, woerman brock and most supermarkets.

Monday, 16 February 2015

Preparing Your Hair for a Move

Hi Doves

How are we?

Today I want to draw from my moving experience to help those moving to a new town, city or country prepare their hair for it. In the midst of packing, buying things, making a list of things you shouldn't forget, your hair can take a back seat an suffer as a result. So here are a few pointers to help. 

1. Sort through your product stash
Last thing you'd think of right? Well since you are relocating, it is not necessary to take your products plus the whole kitchen sink with you. As you sort through it, you'll  find products that  can be kept and those you can leave behind. It is also a good opportunity to de-clutter your stock.

2. Take your essentials 
Take all your must have/staple products. Especially those which you would not know to locate in your new are.

A few examples would be sulfate free shampoo, conditioner (A balanced or moisturising one.. You can always turn a moisturising conditioner into a protein one by adding protein ingredients. Check my post on deep conditioning for more deets) oil, a wide tooth,comb, satin scarf, a deep conditioning cap and bobby pins
Pack them wrapped in plastic in a separate travel bag that can be placed in your suitcase for ease of access and to prevent spills.

Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Welcome Back!

Hi Doves!

It has certainly been a while.

I have moved from Namibia back to Zambia for an life has been getting in the way of me and blogging.

I welcome this change, but my hair has started facing some of the challenges I see naturalistas talking of all the time. It's rainy season now and the humidity is definitely affecting my braid out bangs and once perfect hairstyles puff up in a short while.I have an internship going, so styling my naps tastefully and professionally whilst combating the weather has also had me thinking of a hundred and one ways to use my bobby pins.  

Also now that im working and staying with a relative, I really have to schedule time for my hair sessions over the weekends. Thankfully though , I had the good sense to make a wig before I left home, so I'm wigging it again now. It will tide me through this busy time and cut down on my manipulation.

In due time i'll settle into a good routine and humidity proof hair. Anyone with tips for humid weather please comment below. The moisture is not such a bad thing though, as now I don't have to re-moisturise daily. In fact I can get away with moisturising every second day. 

In other news, catch my feature over at Ms Direction. Spoiler for you: it explains how I stumbled on the wonderful world of hair care. I am now in week 3 or so of the Ms Direction Healthy Hair Challenge and all is going well so far. The closing date for entries was February 7th.
I also got this large cornrows and braids style which I kept for two weeks and then undid. I'll share in another post.

My posting may be a bit sporadic till im totally settled so please bear with me in the meantime.

That's all for now....