Friday, 15 May 2015

Where has Bee Been?

Hi Doves!

Ooo la la  things have definitely gotten quiet around these ends.
I've been quite the busy bee. From lost internet connections, to hectic work schedule, no energy, graduation (YES IM NOW A GRADUATE), things came to a standstill on the blog. But im picking right up from where I left off.

My last protective style was a wig. From there I moved into braids. The braiding experience was not so nice, but I loved the convenience of being able to spray and go as I headed to the office. I was very consistent in moisturising and oiling my scalp. However on the washing end, I only washed 3 times in all 6 weeks I kept my braids (face palm of shame). But that is an average of once every 2 weeks right....riiiight? :-) Currently I am rocking a weave.

I have noticed that because of the humid climate here in Kitwe and the length of my hair, I have had to use light protein more regularly. As in almost every week. Each time I would check my hair under the wig or in the braids, my hair would feel almost too moisturised. So much so, that I would even skip a day on purpose because I was trying to avoid over-moisturised hair.

One very important lesson i've picked from this is to keep listening to our hair and its needs. Bloggers (like myself hehe) , youtubers and hair experts all recommend doing xyz every how many weeks. But the best recommendation is to go with how your hair feels. The last thing you want is broken or damaged hair only because you MUST do a moisturising DC since you did a light protein treatment the previous week. So determine what your hair needs according to how it feels and tells you.

Unfortunately, no pic yet...because i'm having trouble uploading. Pictures to follow asap!!


  1. Hair talks....I agree. Congrats and welcome back to Blogville..ehehehhehehe

    1. Most definitely does. Thank you been gone way too long.

  2. Thanks Bee, congrats oooooo, i miss you here. Thanks for sharing

  3. So you are in Kitwe? Nice. We need to do a ka collabo or something you know. Haha. Congrats ba graji and welcome back.

  4. Welcome back to the blogosphere :) Wondered what you'd been up to. Congratulations too!


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