My Regimen..

Wash  1x a week
I usually wash my hair on friday or sunday. I pre-shampoo with olive oil or any natural oil I have around
-wash with a sulfate free shampoo (ors invigorating shampoo) 
-use a sulfate (clarifying shampoo) once a month or when I have a lot of product build up

-deep condition (with heat)  

  • ors hair mayonnaise
  • ors replenishing pak
  • tresemme naturals conditioner 
  • or something homemade

-followed by a hair rinse with sage, thyme, mint or rosemary tea.

Moisturise and seal then air dry.

Moisturise and seal

I moisturise and seal as needed when my hair is out. Usually twice to thrice a week.
  • Dr Miracle's Curl Care Leave In Conditioner or 
  • Glyco-Lemon leave In Conditioner 
  • seal the leave in conditioner with castor oil

When in braids, I spray my hair with braid spray everyday.
  • Sta-sof-fro Extra Dry Braid Spray, or
  • Homemade braid spray mix

Oil scalp 

1- 3 times per week.
When in braids I usually oil my scalp three times a week. When my hair is undone, I oil it two or so times a week.
  • olive oil
  • castor oil
  • coconut oil, or
  • some natural oil mix

Inversion method

Once a month. I don't do  it every single month. Guess it just depends on my mood lol..

Protective styling

I'm usually in protective styles 80% of the year. It's just easier for me as a student to have my hair up and out of the way. It also means I get to retain length and keep my ends hidden. Generally my long - term protective styles are in for about 5-6 weeks and no more. 

  • braids
  • twists
  • wigs 

When my hair is loose I usually do roll, tuck and pin or bunning styles.

And thats my regimen :-)


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