Monday, 24 August 2015

3 Years In...Things My Healthy Hair Journey Has Taught Me

Hey Doves!

I clocked about three years of healthy hair journeying in around June this year. I can't remember the exact date. Here are some things i've learned along the way.

1. It's NOT a competition

At the beginning of your journey, you really get that "if i'm not at armpit length by december because me and Carrie started at the same time... and she's just passed shoulder length, i'll die" feeling. However we often forget  a few things; you and another lady on a hhj have different hair types, with different likes and dislikes. As always mentioned, no two heads of hair are the same. I've learned to focus on my individual journey, even if it means I will reach waist length in 2019 after how many setbacks and trials. What matters is getting back on the wagon and aiming for healthy hair and the length goal I have in mind. And celebrate other women's hair who are at a later stage of the journey. They give you extra motivation to continue.

Tuesday, 4 August 2015

TUTORIAL: Cheat's Flexi Rod Set!

Hey Doves!

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Im coming to you with a quick tutorial on how to cheat your way to a flexi rod set without the hassle of an agonising night with rollers in your hair, or having to use the flexis on the whole head. Who doesn't love quick and easy?

On with the show!

End result