Monday, 27 October 2014

Why is My Hair Not Growing??! Solutions to Your Stagnant Length Problems Part 2

Hey Doves

Hope we are all good. I'm carrying on from where we left off last time  in part 1. We're covering reasons why your tresses may not be growing or retaining length as you would expect. We listed over manipulation, over trimming and not moisturising your hair properly in the first post.

4. You're still using too much heat.

Heat styling is every woman's best friend huh? Lil' tonging here and there, flat iron for the week, blow dry to keep your hair neat...We all love the styles and flawless look we get from heat styling, but heat is one of your hair's worst enemies. 

Heat degrades the protein that hair is made from and consistent use damages the hair permanently over time. You can easily tell when natural hair has been heat damaged because the curls will not revert once you wash your tresses and remains straight. It can also be manifested in a MUCH looser curl pattern than you normally have. For instance your hair becomes wavy instead of curly..or you jump from type 4 hair to type 3 and your curls do not go back to their normal tightness.



Hi doves..

Just a short P.S.A announcement. Im kinda getting bored of my blog's look, so i'll be playing around with it for a while. Im not totally sure on what i'll settle on, but with time imma get there. So this is the new look for now. New look, same old formula..(weeeellllllll I may start adding a few new things here and there, or changing the format of some posts but all for my and *your* benefit).

Please bear with me in the mean time...and oh yeah. Let me know how you like the changes

Monday, 20 October 2014

GlamLush Hair - Asimenye

Hey Doves..

Another day, another feature. Spotlight is on Asimenye today. I met her in one of the lecture halls on campus and the moment I saw the thick fro, I had to pounce on her for a feature. *hides*. Let's hear from her.

1. Tell us a little about yourself and your hair

I'm studying economics at Unam. I've been natural for most of my life but started really  taking interest in my hair some time  last year after my  mum made me join a group on facebook called Zedian Naturals. And my journey began.

Friday, 17 October 2014

Knot Today: Detangling Conditioners to Try

Hey mi Doves

Hope y'all are great.

I wanted to share some conditioners to try for co-washing, detangling and pre-shampooing. I stated in my last wash day post that these days, a cheapie conditioner has been helpful in detangling my hair. Im giving you my personal faves based on  my experience.

1. Tresemme Naturals Nourishing Moisture Conditioner
All hail the king of moisture. Although it is an instant conditioner, it works wonderfully as a deep conditioner too. It is strictly moisturising and detangles like a dream. My curls clump so beautifully with it. It is also great for co-washing because it is silicone free and just gives me a much needed moisture burst. I even see the dirt coming off when I rinse it.
N$ 78.00 is VERY expensive for an instant conditioner, but worth the money considering what I use it for. I mostly use it to dc, but I also put it to work as an occasional co-wash. Top of my list because it is my tried and true and never disappoints


Monday, 13 October 2014

GlamLush Hair - Salmie

Hey Doves.

I want to share one of my hairspirations. My hair wants to be like hers when it grows up lol. Salmie has thick and healthy long hair, which has made her the envy of many a lady. hehe. Without further ado, here's Salmie and her hair.

Friday, 10 October 2014

Wash Day

Hey Doves

Been a minute since I last did a wash day post. Here is a rundown of my last two cleansing sessions

Sunday 28 September 2014

1. Pre-shampooed overnight with coconut oil
2 Washed with Clicks Kids Detangling Shampoo ( Sulfate Free)
3. Deep Conditioned with ORS Nourishing Conditioner with heat, for 1 hour.
 It left my hair so soft, yet strong. I was in mini-twists so 1 packet was sufficient for the whole head.
4. Rinsed out and did an apple cider vinegar rinse.
5. Air dried, then applied sta sof fro braid spray and tropical hair butter

Very white looking products these past two weeks

Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Beauty Rx - What i'm Lovin'

Hey Doves

Im taking a break from the usual hair posts to share some beauty products for the
 face and body that I super-duper-luuuurrrve

1. African  Black Soap
I love this miracle in a packet. Black soap has many benefits including being anti-ageing, clears up spots and marks, evens the skin tone, is a gentle exfoliant suitable for everyday use, helps with skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis and is a great cleanser for hair. I can attest to its benefits because it cleared up a patch of eczema on a face and has evened my skin tone. It dissolves very easily so all you need to do is wet you hand, rub the soap and watch the suds appear. A little goes a long way, so it can last up to three months if used exclusively for your face. 
I stopped using face wash ever since I started with the black soap.
I got mine for N$ 60.00 at Exclusive, a shop in Townsquare, near the parking lot. Totally worth it.

Friday, 3 October 2014

Deep Conditioning 101: Maintaining your Moisture - Protein Balance (With a great analogy)

Hey Doves!

Been a minute, and we can just pick up where we left off. Cool?

So I straightened my hair and washed it. I then kept my hair in mini twists for two weeks. I'll post that update later. Also it's been forever since I did a wash day post. I'll do that asap. And..oh yes a hair feature..time to get someone up to show their glam and lush hair. Ok so now that we have our scheduled updates out of the way, it's time to continue on the deep conditioning post I did last time. If you are new, kindly click on the link to read all about it, then head back here. It will make more sense.

So when we left off I explained what deep conditioning is, why we should do it, the types of deep conditioners you should use and how often. I also explained that you can have a balanced deep conditioner, a protein one or a moisturising one.

It is important to alternate the types of deep conditioners you use in order to keep your hair balanced. Protein strengthens and rebuilds your hair whilst moisture provides elasticity, moisture and bounce. So the reason you alternate is to keep a good amount of strength in your hair whilst maintaining the hair's elasticity and moisture levels. This balance creates strong, healthy and less breakage prone hair.