Monday, 2 March 2015

The GlamLush Fro of Late (In Pictures)

Hi Doves!

Time to share some pics of my hair. It's been going through some moving changes and this is what's been happening with it over the past month or two..

Cornrow and braids style courtesy of my sister. Had them for January.

Cinnabun life..
This next style is a new on-the-go favourite. I was pressed for time and late for church, with no idea what I would do to my hair. So I pulled it into a puff. The i twisted the hair into about 6 or 7 twists and secured them in the centre with a bobby pin. I dont have a name for the style yet though...suggestions?

Wig life. My current situation. This has made it easier for me in the mornings as well as with general hair care.

So to make the wig, I got a wig cap and used my cousin as a mannequin head.  1. Wet the extension and split into two. 2. Knot each separate coil. 3. Attach the coil to the wig cap by sewing it on. And so I did that till the whole wig was complete.
Extensions I used. Darling soft dread.

The wig I cap used. There were two in the pack so I use the second one as my cover to preserve moisture under the wig.
How is your hair doing lately?


  1. Oh wow, that's a new method of making a wig. If I can get a mannequin head I'd love to try it.
    Pretty styles

  2. Nice are gifted. Sandra needs a mannequin head, me I need a training head(is that the same thing? ) for me to practice styles like the ones you did.

    review of why men marry bitches

    take that plunge even when scared

    Let's help Sola walk again

    1. Thanks Petite. I believe a mannequin head and training head are the samething. Thanks for dropping by !

  3. Replies
    1. Hi Liz! Sorry I have been sooo busy, hardly even check my mail. Im on it pronto!!!

  4. Nominated you for the Liebster Award hon! enjoy!


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