Thursday, 27 November 2014

Vitamin Spray Results!

Hi Doves!

If you remember from this post, I was testing out the effects of multivite in my braid spray.
I am pleased to announce that results are in!

Starter pic 3 November 2014

 10 November 2014
I kept the braids in for two more weeks after I took the initial picture
Im impressed with the growth I got in just one week of braid spray and scalp massages, It is significantly more than I would expect. I don't know if I will make  it a regular thing though, because the vitamin smelled really bad. Maybe I will try another vit next time.

Front view 11 November 2014

The braids in the front row came loose a bit, so naturally one can expect some slippage.. But the growth from the second and third rows is quite a bit.

I will try this again next time to see how well it works. I didn't  take growth pics just before i undid them because I was rushing ( to be explained in a later post). But I do believe the multivite had a hand in my growth.
Is is just in my head? What do you think guys?

Have you tried any interesting growth experiments lately?


  1. I should put my perfectil to good use then since I'm not swallowing

  2. They smell somehow and the ones I have used give my spray a different colour...


    1. Lol different colours for different vitamins i guess.


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