Sunday, 22 October 2017

The Glamlush Fro of Late

Hello Glamlushers!

How have we been? I'm back from the far depths of the earth and the first thing in order is of course a hair update.

Firstly, I texlaxed my hair. Yes. I. Did. The reason being that I was enrolled for my bar exam studies with no free time at all. Apart from church, my weekends were spent studying and at tutorial sessions. It was really hard to squeeze in time. I weighed the option of cutting versus relaxing. I was definitely at a point where I was frustrated with my hair, ready for a fresh start with it,  all while starting a new chapter in my professional life. So I was ready to make the leap. At all times my relaxer was meant to be a temporary phase so that I would start my hair journey all over again when I was ready. So on in December 4th 2016, I telaxed my hair.

First day of texlaxed hair

Getting into the swing of things

My weave was my go-to protective style. A real time saver. 

And then I transitioned into a lot of cornrows hairstyles...this one being my face.

When my hair is out, 9 times out of 10 you will catch me in a bantu-knot out.

Another cornrow style that kept my sanity during the heat

Long story short, school took my time, some weight lol and my hair too. It's doing just okay in the relaxer. I have some breakage and am trying to work my way around understanding it. In the midst of all this, I realised I'm a natural girl at heart and so I am unofficially transitioning back. I miss my naps.

My current state of hair just before I headed out to get my hair done.
So that friends, is the Glam Lush Fro of late. Till the next post! 
xx Bee

Tuesday, 18 July 2017

I am Alive!

Hello my Doves!

I'm so sorry I disappeared without a trace or even a hi once in a while.

Life took such a busy turn come September 2016. I am studying for the bar exam and will be writing my finals in a few weeks! Which means im on the doorstep of bwing a fully fledged admitted advocate who will practice in court 😀Eek I'm so excited and can't wait to be done. Then y'all will see a lot of me. I've missed this space tonnes of lots of tonnes! aaah!

We'll talk soon when I'm done.

Much love.

Tuesday, 8 November 2016

Found In Zambia: Attention Braids and Weave Wearers! Don't Miss Out on This Bomb Product to Silence Your Scalp Itch

Hi Doves!

Happy New Month! 
Hello November, you came all too suddenly. Just a while ago it was March, how are we officially in the final quarter of the year?? Soon it will be bye bye 2016. Anyways on to the blessing of a reason I'm writing this post!

We all know that all too familiar nagging  itch when you wear a weave.  I had that itch when I wore this baby that I blogged about here;

Tuesday, 27 September 2016

The Glamlush Fro of Late - Unexpected Changes

Hi Doves!

Yes another post in the same month! Congrats to me, seems i've managed to squeeze more effort into being a more consistent blogger.  I would love to keep this consistency up, however my life may be switching into the fast lane in a few weeks. But instead of quantity posts, I want to give you guys quality posts which though not as frequent, will definitely be worth the time between posts. I think at the end of the day that's what i'm in this for, disseminating quality information which I think you will find useful, and just want to share.

Anyway onto my hair update. Last we checked in, I was length stalled and committed to taking better care of it. And this I have managed to do for the most part. Some weeks I did lose my care, going on a three week high manipulation stunt *eek*,  but overall I have been doing much better.

Over the past three months I have: