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I Straightened My Hair! ORS Straightening and Strengthening System Review.

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This past week I whipped out the ORS Straightening and Strengthening Kit for a reversion-free  straightening experience.

Contents.  It also comes with an instruction leaflet.

I purchased this at clicks for N$ 192( about US $ 19)

As I said before, because it is so protein heavy, I did a midweek moisturising cowash and deep condition. On the day of, I pre-shampooed with tresemme naturals nourishing moisture, olive oil and some aloe vera for an hour. 

Then I started by using the clarifying shampoo which was step A. I had to lather it from tip to root. Although it is sulfate free, it is quite stripping. It lathers a whole lot too.

Step B of the Kit, was to apply the foam activator. I applied it from root to tip and left it for 9 mins as per instructions for fine hair. I applied it using the half and half relaxer method so that I would not over process it. Half and half method entails processing one side, rinsing it out, then processing the other side.

After that, I rinsed the activator out. Then applied the leave in. It is SUPER detangling and soft. And proceeded to blow dry on moderate heat. Then flat ironed. The flat iron does not have a temperature gage, but has heat levels from 1 to 12. I flatironed on 5 and with two passes only. The leaflet said a maximum of three only should be used. Well after the blow dry and flat iron these were my results.

Full APL as you can see. My hair seems to grow in a V shape. That's okay, because I don't wear it straight that often. I did not get a full stretch because I was afraid of heat damage, that's why my ends look thinner. The side pic shows that my hair did not lie very flat so that also contributed to the thinning ends look.

I took this opportunity to give myself a 1 inch trim

R.I.P fallen soldiers.
It seemed like I was cutting a lot more when I trimmed, but when I bunched them up together like this, it didn't seem so bad.

My Review

Well it has this spicing floral, hot, sweet, citrus scent. I like it.
You don't need to use much product because a little goes a long way. I used up about 1 cm off the top of each bottle. The leave in and shampoo were the most used.

The shampoo left my hair quite stripped, but it was a clarifying shampoo.
The foam activator made the hair crunchy once it dried, but the leaflet said to expect that. It also warned not to comb or manipulate your hair whilst it is in, because it may lead to tangling and breakage.

The leave in conditioner acts as both a leave in and heat protectant, so there was no need to use a heat protectant. As I stated earlier, it is extremely detangling and softening.
However after the blow dry and straighten, my hair was a bit hard afterwards. Some coconut oil helped to soften it up and give some nice sheen.

My hair tended to be a bit more dry than usual when it was straight. I think it's because of the product. So I had to remoisturise almost every day. The first two days I used the glyco-lemon leave in. Then I switched to my sta sof fro braid spray by day 3, and it did wonderful to keep it nice and soft.

How to get your curls back

The leaflet in the kit states that you should shampoo with the shampoo that comes in the kit, and then condition ( the ors nourishing conditioner is recommended). As you shampoo the curls start reverting.
However I pre-shampooed with conditioner and as I started conditioning and working it in, the curls started popping pack. I them shampooed with the bottle from the kit, and deep conditioned with a medley of all the conditioners on my shelf ( hehehe)

What I loved about it

The hair remained straight and had minimal reversion when I re-moisturised with my leave in and braid spray.
My hair felt light as a feather during the week.
The instruction leaflet is VERY clear when it sets out the steps, what to expect, that moderate heat should be used and maintenance. It even highlights the fact that this is not an alternative to a relaxer and should only be used once every 6 to 8 weeks. 

Most importantly, my hair REVERTED Y'ALL
The shrinkage is even more real. Reactivated curls vs Straightened hair.
Yep, I got my curls back, and I really missed them. I had to lather for a few mins to get them coily again, but no biggie.
There is a patch where my coils seems to be slightly elongated, but I think they will be back to normal after another wash. Sometimes it takes them a wash or two to snap back 100%, I noticed this with other texture straightening systems
Curls on the day I washed it out

My usual curls
My hair type is 4a, coily with s- shaped curls

Texture shot. My hair around April this year

I also took to styling my hair during the week. I did not wear out the blow out, I mostly stuck to buns and flat twists

Sad to say, I missed my curls on day 1!! (hides) I never thought I was that attached to them. I couldn't wait to wash again (curly gurl at heart). Maybe if I crank up the heat a bit more next time to get straighter results, I'll enjoy it more. 
But I did enjoy easy breezy styling. 

All in all, I really like this product. Minimal reversion and worth its money. Plus there is tonnes of it left for at least 4 more uses. Remember it is not an alternative to a relaxer, but is meant to give you the option of straightening when you want your hair out.

Have you tried the ORS Hairepair Straightening and Strengthening Kit before?


  1. Very informative Bee, thank you. Good to know your hair reverted. The styles you did are right up my alley. Pretty

    1. Aw thanks, it was a pleasure. The whole time I was like this hair better revert OR ELSE lol.

  2. Great review. Glad to hear that your hair reverted.

  3. I'll definitely give this a try...

  4. Great review Bee. I am glad that your hair reverted back, I had been skeptical of this product but now I am convinced. If I go back to natural I know I can use this product.


    1. I was too, sometimes we just have to jump in. It can also be used on relaxed hair, to help blend in the two textures when stretching. I forgot to add that detail.

  5. New reader here :) Thanks for the review

  6. Beautiful results!! And that flower makes the style pop!

  7. One of my friend recommended this ORS straightening system. Earlier I thought she was joking but then I realized she was quite serious and started researching about it. Seems to be a good product if you can stop using flat iron as I think no matter how good you are it, some damage to hair always get done.

  8. Is this safe for kids hair...age7

  9. I love this when I want my hair straight. I lucked up a few years back and found it on closeout at Walgreens for $2+. Like she state curls revert back great.


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