Thursday, 26 February 2015

DIY Protein Treatment Wash Day - Sunday 22 February

Hi Doves

It has certainly been a long while since I posted a wash day.
Im going to give you a run down of my latest cleansing session. Unfortunately no pics as I just thought of them as I was writing this post (too absorbed in chatter lol).

I decided to do a DIY protein treatment as my hair was feeling rather soft and mushy and had a bit of breakage. So off to my aunt's place I went and decided to take advantage of the avocados and eggs there to pamper myself.

1. Finger detangled and preshampoo/protein treatment with a mix of blended avocado, 1 guinea fowl egg (yes guinea fowl and it worked well I might add), castor oil, some ors replenishing conditioner and a dollop of honey. Left that on for 30 to 40 mins then rinsed.
2. Shampooed with Sunsilk Co-Creations Anti Damage Shampoo to clarify. Left my scalp squeaky clean.

3. Moisturising deep conditioning session with Dark and Lovely ultra cholesterol, honey and castor oil. Allowed to sit for almost an hour then I rinsed.
4. Towel dried and applied Glyco-lemon Leave in Conditioner, sealed with castor oil. Threaded to stretch and dry as I am currently in the Mz Direction hair challenge, and we deep into a no-heat mini challenge. That makes it more than 2 months since I last used heat, Go meeeee #winning! The threading also makes it easy for me to wear my wig.

I must say that the egg + avocado+ replenishing conditioner mix left my hair hard when I rinsed it out and shampooed. I knew it was definitely working to strengthen  my strands. And another side note, the Dark n Lovely Cholesterol + honey + castor oil mix left my hair sooooo soft but strong. I think the cholesterol works better with the honey added to it. My hair was so soft and moisturised that I almost didn't feel the need to moisturise on Monday.
My hair was not the only one who got a treat, I did the exact same for my aunt's hair and she loved it. I think we may have another hhj convert :-)

How was your wash day?


  1. hahahahhaha you really had a great wash day, Hello Aunty welcome to HHJ (with love and more kisses)

  2. I need to buy that dark and lovely cholesterol treatment, it seems to be getting great reviews. Glad you had a nice wash day..
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