Sunday, 18 September 2016

Three Products That Are Doing The Most For My Hair This 2016!

Hi Doves!

Long time no post, yeah I know.

I've been kind of busy plus i'm at that point in my hair journey where I just want to cover my hair and basically let it do what it wants.  It's not the healthiest it can be right now and i'm super bored with it. Styling, seeing it, everything. I'll write about that in my next post.

But besides this hair drama, there have been three products I have been using that make me fall in love with my hair each time I use them and part of the reason why 'm holding on.

1. Shea Butter
Im so in looooove with this. If you have natural hair that is classified as hard or stubborn you NEED TO TRY THIS! It has really softened my hair and made it pillow soft, I kid you not. I blogged about it on my blog here and over here on African Naturalistas. Guess you can tell how much I love it. If you are struggling with hard and dry hair, try this as your sealant. It is Mwaaaaahtastic!

2. S-Curl No Drip Curl Activator
Move over Sta-sof-fro I just found a new braid, weave and wig spray. This non-greasy formula is silicone and paraben free. In addition to that, it is thick and full of a lot of good ingredients including argan oil. My hair just drinks it up and is softer and better for it whenever I use it. I really am addicted and cant get enough. If you are currently in a weave, wig  or braids, DON'T HESITATE to use it. Your hair will more than thank you for it.

3. Texture My Way Leave In Conditioner
This is a two in one leave in and detailer that I really love! It melts curls and leaves the hair super moisturised. I'm practically out of it and need to get some more soon enough. You can read my review over here

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