Tuesday, 8 November 2016

Found In Zambia: Attention Braids and Weave Wearers! Don't Miss Out on This Bomb Product to Silence Your Scalp Itch

Hi Doves!

Happy New Month! 
Hello November, you came all too suddenly. Just a while ago it was March, how are we officially in the final quarter of the year?? Soon it will be bye bye 2016. Anyways on to the blessing of a reason I'm writing this post!

We all know that all too familiar nagging  itch when you wear a weave.  I had that itch when I wore this baby that I blogged about here;

 The day after  I put it in I remembered exactly why I don't weave often. Besides the edge pulling, every weave wearer will tell you of the characteristic pat they will do to try and relieve themselves of the nagging, incessant itch.

It is hard to access your scalp, and at the same time you don't want to ruin your weave. So you keep patting and patting. For the better part of the first week, my hand was semi-attached to my scalp.

In a quest to relieve myself, I decided to buy a  product designed for scalp relief in an applicator bottle; use up or pour out the product, then fill it with castor and peppermint oils. I would then use the nozzle tip to oil my scalp without having it run off to the hair.

So off I went applicator bottle hunting. I was looking for anything with a nozzle really so I wasn't too particular. Upon entering a pharmacy near my workplace I chose a bottle with the label " Miss Beauty Scalp Soother." 

In all honesty I had low expectations. I checked the ingredients list and was pleasantly surprised to find it contained water as the first ingredient, followed by glycerine, avocado and olive oils and most importantly menthol to soothe while encouraging  blood flow to the scalp for enhanced growth! 

That same evening I applied it to my scalp and my life has never been the same again! Its thick formula instantly melts on your scalp and flows between the tracks. The first thing that hits you is the cooling, soothing sensation of the menthol which instantly relieves any scalp irritations . And the BEST PART? It's a scalp silencer! This product literally makes your scalp go quiet for the next two to three days.

I have been using it for over a month now and have been pleasantly surprised to discover that it's  not like your average scalp itch relief product which claims  to stop your itch but is only effective for half the day. Once you apply it, you won't feel the need to scratch the whole day and the next day too. 

AND IT KEEPS GETTING BETTER. Oh you thought I was done? No honey, the menthol effect lasts in that after the tingling sensation goes away...it comes back the next day at a random time and soothes again. You feel like your scalp is breathing,especially in the hot weather. I can't say enough how it stops your head from feeling hot and humid. You can now afford to wear a weave in summer cause you don't feel like your scalp has become a mini equatorial climate zone, heat, humidity and all! Might I add that the tingling sensation aids growth *smiley face*.

Unbeknownst to me, a fellow colleague bought it at the same time as me and has the exact same thing to say.

I'm putting my stamp of approval on this baby. I can't stop singing it's praises!

Where can one get it? Lusaka residents, in Kamwala go to Good Health Pharmacy. You can also check any pharmacy or hair/beauty shop with a poster for Miss Beauty products. You can also find it at Game  Manda Hill.  

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