Monday, 8 September 2014

I'm back...

Hi Doves..

I practically fell off the face of the earth...yeah i've been busy. But i'm back with loads of stuff (read product reviews) to share!!

What's up with my hair?
Well, i'm still not feeling the salon, so i'm back on that wigging tip. I've been in a wig for about three weeks now, i'm going on my fourth. Everything's been dandy and i'm enjoying the carefree no-fuss regimen.

My usual routine is to  moisturise with leave in conditioner and then seal with  a mix of oil and hair butter. In order to preserve the moisture I wear a small satin scarf, just big enough to cover my hair, and then I wear the wig cap. I don't have dry hair. As for my hair underneath , I realised I prefer keeping it in braids. They remain detangled from wash day and are easier to moisturise, seal and undo as compared to the cornrows. I also get less breakage when undoing them.

Straightening my hair??
Oh yes, i'm craving a good blow out. I thought I would hold out longer than four months, but i've been itching to see my length. And the arrival of this little baby...

.....has made me even more eager to straighten. It promises to straighten with no reversion whilst it's in. And when you wash it out, the product says you will get your curls back. I haven't ever had a blow out  last  longer than 30 to 40 minutes before my curls start kicking in again. So I really want a straightening session that is going to last. I am scared that my curls may not come back, buuuuut i've seen a lot of youtube reviews and I have an action plan. All the youtubers had their hair revert. I'm not going to let it sit as long as the recommended time suggests, and im going to use moderate heat. Also another key to avoiding heat damage is to ensure your strands are moisturised. So i'm upping my moisture game with two  moisture deep conditioning sessions during the week prior to using it. Wish me the best....i'm planning on buying it this week at Clicks.

Product Junkies-R-Us
Yes one of the benefits of my absence is that i've gone experimentin'. I got some new products and have some great things to share. 

Preview of the greatness to come..
So yeah, i've been pretty busy. Some aren't new, like the Glyco-Lemon but I want others out here to also have a good idea of other leave in conditioners that they can work with. My hair has not really worked well with moisturising lotions and seems to prefer leave-in conditioners more...anyway, that's a story for another day.

How have y'all been?

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