Sunday, 7 December 2014

Braids Wash Day Ft Black Soap Shampoo

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Hope we are all good.

Been a while since I posted a wash day, so im sharing my latest cleansing session.
 I rolled up my sleeves for a full DIY session, majorly out of need.

My current sulfate free shampoo which I was testing out is really not working out for me. I've written it off as a miss, because although sulfate free and cheap, it causes tangles and leaves my hair feeling hard and stripped. So goodbye Clicks Kids' Detangling Shampoo, I'll  be leaving you in 2014.

In my bid to get a sulfate free cleanse, I looked at my trusty Dudu Osun black soap and thought now is as good a time as ever to test it out as a shampoo. So I grated a bit off, then dissolved it in hot water. I just eye-balled all the measurements. It lathers up so much and the water was really slippery, I smiled! I then poured it into my spray bottle and left it to dissolve fully and cool whilst I enjoyed myself in town. 

When I got home it was wash time. Braids wash days are the easiest and fastest for me because I don't have to do all that detangling and sectioning, and twisting that comes with loose hair.

So I wet my braids thoroughly, then sprayed my scalp. I worked up a lovely lather. My roots did not feel stripped at all after two lathers. I was pleasantly surprised as some say that the black soap leaves their hair dry. #winning

DIY Black Soap Shampoo

Next was a cocomint deep conditioning session. No pics cause I only thought of them whilst writing this post. My cocomint conditioner basically consisted of  aqua marine green apple detangling conditioner as the base, some ors replenishing conditioner, a teaspoon of dark n lovely cholesterol, coconut milk, and 4 drops of peppermint oil. Majority of my mix was the aqua marine and coconut milk. It smelled minty and I just enjoyed the tingly sensation

* When washing my hair in braids, I try not to use a pricey conditioner because I don't want to use it up on the extensions themselves which have to be thoroughly coated to ensure my own hair gets saturated with the mix. I just DIY it with a good cheapie conditioner as a base and add the ingredients I know my hair will love.
*I also make sure that I apply the conditioner only up to where my hair ends. There is not need to be dc-ing the kanekalon fibres lol.

1 and a half hours later I rinsed off my condish and my scalp felt cool and invigorated, which was a welcome relief in this hot weather.
I air dried  and when my hair was about 80 to 90% dry, I applied my braid spray and was done. Im looking forward to trying my DIY shampoo once my hair is undone.

How was your wash day?


  1. I need to try the black soap shampoo again. I can't remember how my hair felt the first time. Nice post...


  2. Niice. I like the idea of coconut milk and peppermint oil. I can already imagine the smell :)


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