Monday, 16 February 2015

Preparing Your Hair for a Move

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Today I want to draw from my moving experience to help those moving to a new town, city or country prepare their hair for it. In the midst of packing, buying things, making a list of things you shouldn't forget, your hair can take a back seat an suffer as a result. So here are a few pointers to help. 

1. Sort through your product stash
Last thing you'd think of right? Well since you are relocating, it is not necessary to take your products plus the whole kitchen sink with you. As you sort through it, you'll  find products that  can be kept and those you can leave behind. It is also a good opportunity to de-clutter your stock.

2. Take your essentials 
Take all your must have/staple products. Especially those which you would not know to locate in your new are.

A few examples would be sulfate free shampoo, conditioner (A balanced or moisturising one.. You can always turn a moisturising conditioner into a protein one by adding protein ingredients. Check my post on deep conditioning for more deets) oil, a wide tooth,comb, satin scarf, a deep conditioning cap and bobby pins
Pack them wrapped in plastic in a separate travel bag that can be placed in your suitcase for ease of access and to prevent spills.

I packed alcohol free hair gel, ors replenishing conditioner, leave in conditioner, braid spray, my t444z, peppermint oil, ors invigorating shampoo, olive and grapeseed oils, my bobby pins, satin scarf, and  2 wide toothed combs. I can easily make a hard protein treatment by adding eggs to the ors, and a moisture dc can be made from my leave in, olive oil, glycerine and some water and honey. 
As you can see, essentials depend on what you prioritise. If you can get products which have multiple uses, you can save on cash and suitcase space.

3. Get your hair done
Yes prepare for your departure by getting a protective style of your choice installed. Ideally it should be one that would last at least a month and which would not require much maintenance apart from washing of course. 
I had a protective style which I travelled with, but I undid it the week I arrived because it was getting untidy. I really wish I had installed something more lasting, as I spent a lot of time during my first week of work doing my hair in the mornings. It did however force the creativity out of me when styling my naturelle tresses. Also having your hair in a protective style will buy you time to hunt for products, and places for hair bargains. Not to mention that you will be spared falling into the hands of hairdressers you aren't sure of, or heat styling to keep your hair presentable. 

4. Get a back up wig
A wig is a lifesaver I tell you. Easy to wear in the mornings, you can whip it off in the evenings and have access to your scalp for massaging, washing, conditioning and moisturising. The wig will tide you through the time when you take down your protective style and still haven't found a trustworthy stylist. It will also help with busy days and to save money. 
Bottom line: a wig plus a protective style = 2 months sorted whilst you settle in and scavenge for products, wigs, salons or have tight budget.

5. Make a list of forget-me-nots
No one wants to miss a product when they need it most. Make the list, stick it somewhere you can always see and then pack the items first!!

6. Check the climate and season of the place you are moving to 
When you know what to expect you can be prepared in advance and will know what products and styles your hair should be in.

7. Make all the major changes before you leave
By this I mean if you wanted to trim it, renew the colour, get a cut, relax it ( for those who relax their hair) this is the time  to do it. Whilst you are still in your current location get these changes out of the way with a trusted person or stylist who knows how you and your hair operate ( or you can even do it yourself if that is what you do). Once again the reason behind this is you don't want to suffer a setback by leaving your hair in the hands of someone who won't handle it right. Sometimes you may not even find the right products in your new location and will be left stranded. 

How do you prepare your hair for a big move?


  1. this is a very lovely post! I loved it

  2. Very informative. Thanks Bee. If I decide to move I know where to find a guide. :*


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