Friday, 10 July 2015

GlamLush Hair- Maame

Hello Doves!

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I'm coming to you with another feature..been a century since our last GlamLush beauty shared her tresses with us. I "met" Maame online on a whatsapp hair chat group and just love the fun she has with her hair! She hails all the way from Ghana! Enjoy!

 1. Tell us a little about yourself and your hair.
Maame Akosua Kusi Appiah. 24 years and still counting. A loud Ghanaian and live in Accra. Im proudly and happily natural.

2. Do you have a regimen? Please share it.
I currently do not  have a regimen. My mane loves some principles. I do a protein treatment before and after a protective style ( haven't done one in a while). I spray my hair twice a day with a DIY spray (water, deep moisturizing conditioner, coconut or EVOO, leave in lotion). I moisturise and seal. All these depend on the products I like and am using.

3. If you were taken to a secret destination and would only know it once you got there, what three products would you take with you?
Erm.. my DIY spray, a moisturizer and coconut oil.

4. What is your favourite thing about your hair?
The fact that it has liked every product so far since I started my  healthy hair journey.

5. Do you have a motto for your hair?
Awww i don't have a motto

6. What got you interested in healthy hair care?
Well a senior colleague at my former work place inspired me with her healthy hair journey and to go natural.

7.What factors do you think have contributed to your success so far?
  a. reading a lot about hhj
  b. heeding to the do's and don'ts of a hhj

8. What is the funniest or most memorable moment you've had when someone reacted to your hair?
Errm.. I tried a henna treatment for the first time and I went to hell washing off the chuff...But I learnt from it cause the second time i had less remains in my hair. 

9. Any advice for newbies? 
 1. You should know your hair, what it likes and what it doesn't like.
 2. You should also explore about the journey you have decided to go on.
 3. Read more on products and healthy hair journey practices.

Maame Akosua

Maame gives meaning to the word explore, I love how she plays in her hair.


  1. Wow! great! great! great! featured. Maame is soo beautiful and has amazing hair too. Go girl all the best. Its all about waist length. Thanks Bee for sharing

  2. Thanks hairsista... i'm extremely happy about my progress


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