Thursday, 2 July 2015

What's in My Bag Tag

Hello Darlins..

The lovely Sandra of Naija Girl Next Door tagged me in this What's in My Bag Tag. Very sweet of her. My bag is a world of it's own, here's a peek:

From left to right

1. Hoity Toity perfume body spray
2. Aqua Fleur eau de parfum
(im a perfume junky and REALLY love smelling good. The aqua fleur is a new scent im trying out. These are the perfumes I use daily..I still have two different others at home *covers face* )
3. Dawn Body lotion, for my hands whenever they get dry or if i see that my feet or legs may need a retouch during the day.
4. My daily multivitamin. I keep it in my bag so that I can take it at work, since the morning rush always makes one forgetful.
5.Orbit gum. Fresh breath is always a must.
6. Coins. I have tonnes of coins in the deep recesses of my bag which come in handy when the paper is running low, these are the select few for the purpose of this post.
7. My makeup plastic ( yes plastic!) resealable bag. I have a proper makeup bag at home, I keep this one for the goodies I want to use for the day.
8. My purse
9. Vaseline 
10. My charger, because walking around with a flat phone is so not sexy hehe.
11. Paper. I always make lil memos of things I need to do or remember, and i've got waaay too many of them stashed in my bag

Not pictured
-A pink face towel to wipe my feet. The roads and general environment are pretty dusty here and I dont like walking around with dusty feet. So I  bought a facecloth which I use specifically for dusting my feet. It's nice to be a lady no matter the environment.
-my earphones
-a bracelet.
-my two phones
I usually keep a pen or two as well, but today I didn't carry any.

And that folks, is what's in my bag.

What's in your bag:
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Give us a peak :-D 



  1. Thanks for the tag chica! I am a perfume junkie too! I love smelling nice I have a small bottle in my makeup bag. I also always always have chewing gum in my bag lol there was a time at work I was the unofficial chewing gum girl everytime someone ran out they came to me coz I always had some in my bag:)

  2. Hhheeehhheee... You don't wanna know... Lol. Love the tag and will do this soon!

  3. star pls do paaaa


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