Tuesday, 4 August 2015

TUTORIAL: Cheat's Flexi Rod Set!

Hey Doves!

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Im coming to you with a quick tutorial on how to cheat your way to a flexi rod set without the hassle of an agonising night with rollers in your hair, or having to use the flexis on the whole head. Who doesn't love quick and easy?

On with the show!

End result

 1. Separate your hair into two parts. The front part should be large enough to swoop over both sides of you face. Basically front bangs from ear to ear. This is the smaller section. Clip it out of the way.

2. The back section will hold the majority of your hair. Moisturise and seal this section then plait it into braids. The more braids, the curlier your hair will be and the more texture it will have. I made three big braids. Doing the back section first will give you more room to better handle the flexis and your hair in front without having to worry about stray strands.

3. Apply the flexi rods to the front of your hair as you normally would. ( I moisturised and sealed, applied setting cream, smoothed and detangled then proceeded to wrap my hair around the rods). Larger sections will give a looser curl and create length, whilst smaller sections will produce a tighter curl with more volume.

  4. Wrap your satin scarf and call it a night. Hehehe. Or if you want to fast track it even more, Blow dry to get the curls to set faster. I did this the night before, so I went to bed :-D

5. In the morning..or once your hair is dry, apply a little oil to your hands and remove the flexis.

 6. Proceed to undo the braids you made at the back. Then simply roll the hair up and secure it with a few bobby pins to keep it in place.

 7. Gently separate your coils in the front section and pull them over to the side you prefer. Fluff  and adjust as necessary. You can pin the sides up a bit if you need to, in order to make the curls fall properly. (I did this). Brush up the edges and off you go!

The texture from the curls at the back makes it seem as though you had gathered up the curled hair to create the updo. I hope you've enjoyed this quick and easy way to get a flexi rod set without too much trouble :-)
Do you have any cheat methods to hairstyling? SHARE!


  1. Nice one! Curls without the discomfort. Thumbs up

  2. Maybe when I have longer hair, I would try this.



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