Monday, 15 February 2016

The Glamlush Fro of Late: Length Stalled!

Hey my doves!

I hope we are all doing well!
So this is the glamlush fro of late. And I believe I have hit a length plateau. Part of my quest is not just to grow healthy hair, I want to prove african hair grows long as well. 

Most of 2015 I wigged it. But I did not retain length due to mainly neglect and a lot of hair styling. Honestly, 2015 was the year of hair fun. I have not let my hair out as much as I did last year. So I simply maintained the length I grew. Just goes to prove that over manipulation stalls length retention.  Ive also noticed that for my journey I need to protective style more if I want length. I'm lucky that I did just enough protective styling to keep my hair at the same level.

Bra strap length is my aim this year. So im going back to the traditional formula that worked so well for me in the past. Braiding with extensions for 5 to 6 weeks at a time, inversion, and scalp massages which I all almost completely abandoned last year.

So what are the practical lessons to learn from this? 
1. Know what your hair specifically needs to retain length.
2. We all fall off the band wagon, what matters is picking up again and continuing the journey.
3. Keep length check photos to monitor your progress.
4. If your length or hair health has stalled, identify what the problem is and start doing the things that helped you retain length/maintain health at the beginning of your journey.

This is a journey not a race so, I'm planning on making 2016 count!


  1. Great that you discovered things you need to fix/change. I personally believe it's called "hair journey" because it's a learning process, and we get to know the best things for our hair gradually. All the best and cheers to Bra-strap length for you this year.

    1. Thanks Bobola. I'm glad I discovered it too, on to the next level now.

  2. Good luck on breaking your length plateau chica! Plus I love the simplicity of your regimen!

    KLP @

    1. I think simple is the key. Once one starts doing 100 things, it gets out of hand. Thank you for your well wishes, definitely need them!!

  3. Its a good thing when you know what has caused your length plateau, now you can mitigate and regain 2016's length.

  4. You couldn't have said it better! I'm stuck too and need a plan to grow some more length this year.

  5. So observant and glad it's working for you. Cheers to more length this year.


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