Friday, 1 April 2016

Braid with Me! My Easy Braids Regimen

Hi Doves!

Been way too long! From my last post, I blogged about experiencing a length stall. So I decided to get serious about protective styling for length retention. This in turn has birthed a new series  for protective styling with me.

What to expect in this series
  • my regimen for protective styles
  • how to navigate common pitfalls that can make protective styling detrimental to your hair
  • tips and tricks for braids, weaves, cornrows and wigs

This month i'm in senegalese twist. Currently on week 5 with them and I plan to take them down this weekend.

Three things are key in my braiding routine - moisture
                                                                          - protection
                                                                          - cleansing

Moisturise every morning with a braid spray, oil scalp if necessary

I always wear a satin scarf to bed or sleep with satin pillow cases. This prevents the hair from drying out and being snagged on by the cotton from my bed sheets.

Wash and deep condition every two weeks  to continually keep my hair in tip top condition.
I like to keep it that simple.

Dangers to watch out for when braiding

1. This is most important. Neglecting to moisturise, wash and deep condition
People think protective styling is an excuse to not wash or maintain their hair. Actually, this is when it is most critical to do so, as it will ensure the hair and scalp remain strong and healthy. How you treat your hair when it is in a protective style is actually the key to  healthier hair. If you don't moisturise condition or oil your scalp, your hair will become dry and brittle. When  you take down the style you may have retained length, but it will mostly likely be weak and thin.

2. Rough braiders
Be vigilant and speak up! If you don't like how they are handling your hair, say so and guide them on the appropriate way to treat it. At the end of the day you will be the one with shredded ends or a headache from tight braiding. So dove, don't be shy or reluctant. Love your hair enough to say something.

Happy braiding! 


  1. I'll try this.. past few months I've had little to no progression with my hair journey


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