Thursday, 26 May 2016

Top 6 Things You Can Do for Better Hair This Winter!

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It's cooling down in the southern hemisphere and we are gearing up for the winter. Most people dread this time of year because it automatically means dry hair, slower growth and breakage. That need not be the case for you. Here are my top 6 things you can do for better and healthier hair this winter!

1. Drink water
I know I know, it's a drag especially because you pee more during the winter. But this is  the optimal time to do it. Water carries the necessary nutrients to our scalp for healthier hair and growth. In addition it will help your hair stay moisturised for longer. The cold is a major deterrent to water drinking, you can make things easier for yourself by taking warm water. Not only does it make drinking water in winter easier but there are also proven health benefits like slowing down ageing, alleviating menstrual pain, relieving cough and cold symptoms and more.

2. Do More Hot Oil Treatments
 Are great for keeping hair moisturised, nourishing the scalp and the follicle. This will increase blood circulation for the scalp (which means more growth) and it will keep that pesky dry scalp we all complain of away. Try one today. Simply heat some natural oils in a water bath or the microwave (30 seconds max) then apply the warm oil to the length of your strands and massage your scalp. Rinse, shampoo and deep condition then you are good to go.

3. Take a multivitamin

 If you aren't on any supplements, winter is the best time to start. With the cooler weather we are more prone to indulge in yummy cakes, scones and tea and comfort food in general. This will mean we aren't getting the necessary nutrition for healthier growinghair. Why not give your tresses the kick they need and invest in a good multivitamin or hair supplement today.

4. Moisturise and Seal with thicker products

I love Shea Butter!

 The cold weather is known to be extremely harsh on the strands. Counteract it by layering in up with thicker products (just like we wear warmer clothes this time of year).
Use a thicker leave-in conditioner if you have a runnier one. You might also want to switch from a liquid leave-in to a cream or lotion one. Trade in your oils to seal with butters like shea butter, cocoa butter or mango butter. The thicker barrier will guarantee moisturied hair for longer.

5. Deep condition more with moisturising products
 When you hear winter you automatically think dryness. So you combat it with moisture. Now is the time to invest in more moisturising deep conditioners ( see my comprehensive deep conditioning post for pointers on how to identify moisturising deep conditioners) and moisturising ingredients. Add glycerine, honey, olive oil,  or aloe vera gel to you deep conditioner you next wash day and see how happy your hair will be.

6. Protective style

My crochet wig
No list for beating winter is complete without being told to protective style! Keep your ends hidden away from the elements with buns, cornrows, braids, crochet braids, twists, turbans, weaves or wigs.  This will prevent it from drying up and breaking. Don't forget to moisturise with a water-based moisturising spray everyday!

What do you do for better hair in the winter? Share below.



  1. I mix my water with some bit of boiled water so that i don't freeze after drinking my water.

    1. I just drink warm watet too. Cold water in winter is the worst!

  2. I mix my water with some bit of boiled water so that i don't freeze after drinking my water.

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