Friday, 20 May 2016

Glamlush Style & Tutorial : Bantu Knot Out Puff

Hey Doves!

Just a quick one. Here is my Bantu Knot Out  Puff

Glyco-lemon leave on conditioner | ORS Wrap/Set Mousse| Shea butter | Vitale Hair Polisher

Applied products in that order

1.  Knotted my hair in large sections

2. Unraveled them with a little bio-oil as I was out of olive oil.

Unravelled the next day

3. Separated the sections. Fluffed the roots, and then I tied it back into  a wide puff using old panty hose

4. And then we smile and make faces for our hairstyle and soft tresses. For the Win!!

Happy knotting!


  1. They came out just perfect. Does the mouse hold more than the gel?

  2. I have not tried gel before, so i would not know. But gel still seems to give a relatively good hold from what i've seen.

  3. Hmmm... had no idea bio oil could be used for hair. It came out really well, love it!


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