Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Beauty Rx - What i'm Lovin'

Hey Doves

Im taking a break from the usual hair posts to share some beauty products for the
 face and body that I super-duper-luuuurrrve

1. African  Black Soap
I love this miracle in a packet. Black soap has many benefits including being anti-ageing, clears up spots and marks, evens the skin tone, is a gentle exfoliant suitable for everyday use, helps with skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis and is a great cleanser for hair. I can attest to its benefits because it cleared up a patch of eczema on a face and has evened my skin tone. It dissolves very easily so all you need to do is wet you hand, rub the soap and watch the suds appear. A little goes a long way, so it can last up to three months if used exclusively for your face. 
I stopped using face wash ever since I started with the black soap.
I got mine for N$ 60.00 at Exclusive, a shop in Townsquare, near the parking lot. Totally worth it.

2. Vitamin E oil
This is another firm favorite for my face. Vitamin E oil is known to be anti-ageing, repairs and rejuvenates the skin and is known to help with after-sun repair. Its use also helps to clear scars, spots and aid scratches and minor blemishes heal easily. My skin never looks thirsty with this handy dandy around.
I've been using it for about two to three years, on and off in addition to other natural oils like grapeseed oil, and olive oil in alternation. I have sensitive skin so most moisturisers irritate it. Natural oils have been my best recourse. I also use it in my hair concoctions from time to time
N$47-N$ 52 depending on where you purchase it. Available at most pharmacies and in the medicine aisle in supermarkets.

3. Dove Shea Butter Beauty Cream Bar
So this past winter my skin wanted a less drying soap/shower gel and I ventured out to try something new. I saw the Dove and thought what could the worst be? I'm so glad I gave it a go! We have hard water and unforgiving hot and cold weather which really gives your skin a beating. Whenever I step out of the shower, my skin is white because of the water. This soap has a pleasant, warm vanilla scent which warms up any room you leave it in, even when it is dry! I love that I don't have white, dry skin when I finish my shower and my skin remains super soft. Best part? Only N$9.50 at most supermarkets.

4. Bela Body Lotion Cocoa Butter
I love this lotion just as much as I love their body butters. The great part is that you don't have to add glycerine to the lotion or the butter for lasting moisture. I first tried
the body butter this winter and it is the! I ventured out for their lotion and I was just as taken. It has real cocoa butter and coconut oil...but I added a lit extra coconut oil just for my peace of mind lol.
N$16.90 at Game. They also stock it  a shop near my house, so I buy it there.

5. Honey, Lemon and Olive Oil/ Vitamin E Oil Face Mask
Another facial *winks* Yes, my face is a firm favourite after my hair. Having sensitive, uneven skin has led me to look for solutions to even it up. This mask in addition to my oils and black soap have been the key to sorting out my face. I simply mix honey, some lemon juice and olive or vitamin e oil, apply it to my face for 30 minutes, then rinse off and wash. I steam my face prior to applying the mask in order to open up the pores. It has given
me a natural glow and my skin is visibly smoother for the week. My mum has noted the difference and clearer, smoother complexion as well. This past winter, dry skin was not even a thought and as the summer has rolled in it has helped with my hydration level. Not letting this one go.

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