Friday, 17 October 2014

Knot Today: Detangling Conditioners to Try

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I wanted to share some conditioners to try for co-washing, detangling and pre-shampooing. I stated in my last wash day post that these days, a cheapie conditioner has been helpful in detangling my hair. Im giving you my personal faves based on  my experience.

1. Tresemme Naturals Nourishing Moisture Conditioner
All hail the king of moisture. Although it is an instant conditioner, it works wonderfully as a deep conditioner too. It is strictly moisturising and detangles like a dream. My curls clump so beautifully with it. It is also great for co-washing because it is silicone free and just gives me a much needed moisture burst. I even see the dirt coming off when I rinse it.
N$ 78.00 is VERY expensive for an instant conditioner, but worth the money considering what I use it for. I mostly use it to dc, but I also put it to work as an occasional co-wash. Top of my list because it is my tried and true and never disappoints


2. Revlon AquaMarine Green Apple Detangling Conditioner and Palmolive Classic Apple Conditioner
We have a tie between these two conditioners. The AquaMarine requires more product for each use, but makes my hair clump and melts away the tangles so beautifully. The Palmolive has awesome slip. It would have trumped the AquaMarine at a cheaper price of N$ 12.00, but for the fact that the AquaMarine makes my hair  clump more ( lame reason I know...). AquaMarine retails for N$14.00. I love them because they are both super cheap. And when you rinse, you guessed it.... the dirt comes off!

3. Tresemme Thermal Recovery Conditioner
This conditioner has great slip and elongates my curls with minimal effort. It is the heaviest of all the conditioners, but does a great job with detangling. It's in last position because at N$ 72.00 it is not worth using as an instant co-wash conditioner price wise. I found it works great for my DIY dc mixes. Also the fact that it is the heaviest makes me think it would lead to some build up if you used it exclusively for cleansing. But I still love it, just not so much the price.

Co-washing is the use of a conditioner to cleanse your hair. Some of the agents in the condish help remove the dirt. Co-washing provides a much needed moisture boost and cleanse without having to strip your hair. This method is quite controversial, but over time I have realised that one has to do what works best for their hair. 

 In the beginning, I never used to do it, but slowly I am being converted to co-washing. I don't co-wash with cleansing as my main objective, but rather to aid in keeping my hair moisturised or when I need a gentle clean for my hair without having to use a shampoo. This would be mid-week cleanses mostly, in wash-day  preparation for heat use, or when I want to prepare my hair for a style but it's not very dirty. I usually deep condition after I co-wash. Always remember to stay on top of your clarifying by using a sulfate shampoo every so often, because of the silicones in the conditioner which can cause build up over time if not removed.

I also use these conditioners to detangle my hair before I wash, but after I have pre-shampooed overnight. This is because the slip gives me better detangling with less breakage especially when my hair is dry. I don't do it every wash day, but when I see it as necessary, like when my hair is dry or when I want to detangle well. If your conditioner does not have enough slip, add a runny oil like sunflower or olive oil to it.

What are your co-wash and detangling faves?


  1. I really like Trader Joe's Tea Tree Tingle conditioner but it's really really hard to find here. Hair Fruits is also good and it's easily accessible in Nigeria. I've seen Aquamarine and Palmolive too. I think I saw it Shoprite. Maybe I'll try it when my stash reduces.

    Don't Touch The Hair

    1. Trader Joe's is also on my want list. I havent seen hair fruits around these ends. Would love to try it too.

    2. Hair Fruits was a staple at home when I was a little girl :)


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