Thursday, 17 September 2015

TUTORIAL: How to Make Your own Mannequin Head!

Hey Doves!

Mannequin heads are hard to come by in certain places. My personal struggle was so real that I decided to go ahead and make my own.
Here is my how-to tutorial on making your own customised mannequin head  to make your wigs or stand them on.

You will need:
1. News paper
2. woodglue/crafts glue
3. cellotape
4. Measuring tape
5. Cardboard box
6. Plain paper

First measure your head. Then write down the measurement. You'll need it to find your head size template. Once you have measured it write it down in millimetres.

Now I got my template from He also posted a video tutorial on the process. You can find both here.

Print out the template. You should have 3 papers for each side, left and right. Tape them together, then cut out the template. It should look like this.

Then tape the template to the cardboard box and trace along the outline. Cut the cutboard along the template.

Fold and glue each side so that it becomes dome-shaped.  Then glue the two together. Glue the crevices inside the head together to keep the head intact.

To make the stand, roll up a newspaper. The roll a cardboard over it and secure. Attach the head to the top and finally glue together. 

Now if the head is too small ( like mine was) add some news paper to the head, then cellotape to secure.

Allow to dry overnight and it is ready for use :-)


  1. Wow! I need to try this,I'll be needing it like for real. God bless you for this. By the way I have nominated you for the
    Versatile Blogger Award, please do
    check it up on my blog:


  2. Aww you're sooo welcome! I'll get on to answering the questions. Thank you for the nomination!!

  3. Glad i came across this on your blog, i am so doing this.

  4. Glad i came across this on your blog, i am so doing this.


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