Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Why I Think Wigging Helps with Length Retention and Growth

Hey Doves!

This is just a short post that I came up with after wigging full time for the past three weeks and a lot of keen observation.

I would notice that after moisturising and sealing, then putting on my wig cap and wig, the blood would go straight to my scalp. And this would happen even on days when I did not massage my scalp. So it had me thinking and thinking. Could it be that the warmth generated from the wig cap, wig and my scalp was what is stimulating the blood flow? And if the blood is flowing to my scalp, it definitely means that it is delivering oxygen and nutrients to the follicles which makes for increased growth. That's the same effect that essential oils and scalp massages have - drawing blood to the scalp to deliver nutrients, and oxygen thus enhancing growth.

I started getting excited..now we all know that wigging is one of the best protective styles out there because not only are your ends hidden and saved a world of manipulation, you are able to monitor how dry or moisturised your hair is and give it real tlc. You are in charge of your hair and even the process of plaiting it and washing is in your hands, therefore you can be as gentle as possible with your hair.

So with as little manipulation as possible, followed by increased growth well isn't that a formula for maximised length retention?! In this post I shared how all the times i've been wigging i've noticed a lot more length retention. I think this could be why.  

P.S pics of the new wigs will be up shortly. I'm experiencing some problems with uploading right now.

What are your thoughts on wigging, length retention and growth?


  1. I agree. I noticed when I wear my wigs for a prolonged time, my hair tends to look fuller. My major issue would come when I need to wash my hair. My hair would mat up and detangling would be a nightmare. Now, I wash my hair in braids and the matting has all but stopped. Can't wait to see your wigs.

  2. i think u are right. my hair is in a wig at the moment although i honestly have not had time to moisturize often #guilty but wigging is a logical way to protect the hair. u have great hair by the way. keep it up! :)

    1. Aww thank you Fola! Hehe I feel you about slacking when wigging. One really has to make more effort to look after the hair. I think that's a hidden danger lol.

  3. Yes Bee i totally agree, indeed wig is the best protecting style for me, Thanks for sharing


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