Thursday, 21 April 2016

For Sensitive Edges: How to Weave and Keep Your Hairline!

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How is your week going so far?

Mine is ok. Im so excited about this post because I have finally discovered a safe way to weave and keep my edges y'all! In the past I stayed away from weaving or would only do it once a year because of my sensitive  hairline. And it seemed that only braiding and wigging would spare it. But a tight spot  and a creativity spark pushed me to revolutionise the way I weave.

So as I pondered how I would weave without harming my edges, it somehow clicked. I don't weave cause the weave pulls on my edges, how about if I weave and leave the edges plus some significant part of the stronger hair out? So that is what I did. By using this approach,  I attacked the main cause for my disappearing edges in weaves by eliminating the strain on the hair follicles.

Im very grateful to my friend who weaved me, cause she listened as I explained that I wanted to exclude the hairline in order to preserve it. So make sure you hire someone who will be willing to listen and follow your direction because this is an unorthodox approach to weaving for most hairdressers.

And so we weaved the tracks, and exlcuded the hairline. My hairline is safe because it won't bear any of the strain from pulling when I straighten the hair.  To ensure that the excluded hair does not get broken, I made lose braids with the hair. No one will notice the excluded hair as the weave perfectly conceals it. 

Not completely filled up, but far better than the bare edges I started with

Now in order to maintain  my hairline, i'm going to faithfully moisturise it and massage it with natural oils to keep it growing strong and healthy. It has been two weeks already and my hair is still thriving! I do not feel any strain on it whatsoever. Why not try this the next time you weave if you have  a sensitive hairline? Cheers to innovation!


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