Thursday, 8 January 2015

GlamLush Hair - Hazel

Hi Doves

Been a while since we had a hair feature. My guest for the day is my younger sister Hazel. She is texlaxed and has been doing it since it was even a thang. She just didn't want super straight hair. More about her hair from her:

1. Tell us a little bit about yourself  and your  hair.
Im a third year student, studying business administration at the University of Namibia. My hair has been relaxed for most of my life, and I moved to texlaxing 6 years ago ( without knowing it). It is  texlaxed and full shoulder  length (finally!)

2. Do you have a regimen? Please share it.
LOL.. I kinda have one but it's a bit flexible. But my main regimen is during the week I moisturise and seal. Depending on how oily my hair feels I will cowash. And over the weekend I will deep condition my hair.

3. If you were taken to a secret destination and would only know it once you got there, what three products would you take with you?
Hmm, I would take coconut oil, glyco-lemon leave in conditioner and sunsilk shampoo, I forgot the name *hides* but it's in the orange container. (Sunsilk Co-creations Damage Reconstruction Shampoo)

4. What is your favourite thing about your hair?
I love the versatility. It can be straight and silky smooth, and it can be kinky and curly (like it's natural), and the thickness of it.

5. Do you you have a motto for your hair?
Motto uhm... Flip that mane lol :)

6.What got you interested in healthy hair care?
 I was reading a magazine and they said coconut milk was good for your hair. And so I tried it and it worked. At the same time my sister ( *ME* hehehe) started with her healthy hair journey, so she helped me and here I am.

7. What factors do you think  have contributed to your success so far?
Low manipulation and moisturising and sealing, definitely.

8. What's the funniest or most memorable moment you've had when someone reacted to your hair?
When I washed and straightened my hair, I showed my dad and he said " That's your real hair?" He thought it was a weave. *best compliment ever*
Started from the bottom!

9. Any Advice for newbies?
Stick to the products that work for you, and occasionally try new ones. Stick to your regimen, and as you move along you can change it. And listen to your hair, it has a voice too.

Her hair is really so thick, I wish I had her thickness. It just handles a relaxer so well especially since she started taking care of it. Thanks for doing the feature Hazel.

Evolution of her pony tail


  1. Wow, the ponytail really shows her progress. Your sister has a nice, simple regimen too, which I like

    1. Yeah it's so laid back. She'll be sure to see the comment :-)

  2. i like hair hair volume, but please lets know what telax means

  3. The resemblance really shows. I love that picture with her hair in a bob, it's everything!
    Kudos on being such a great sis :)

  4. Great progress i really like her regimen too its so basic and simple at time easy does it well done girl and thank you Bee for the feature very educative


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