Monday, 12 January 2015

Hair Resolutions 2015

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How are you?
Setting realistic goals for your hair really helps keep one on track and serves as motivation for your journey. Im not really one for resolutions at the beginning of the year, just not really my thing. However there are a few goals I have in mind for my tresses this year.This is the list of things I plan to achieve this year. 


1. Get back to armpit length and go anything farther than that as is possible. That means maximising my length retention by manipulating my hair as little as I can and handling it gently.

2. Experiment less. Last year was really about trying out a lot of new products and things. I think I have had my fill for now. I know which products I want to keep and I really just want to return  to the basics of hair care this year.

3. Use an essential oil each week. I will be  incorporating one into either my deep conditioning session or scalp oils to boost growth.

4. Master the braid out. Im in love with textured updos from twists or braids I left in overnight. My braid outs however, are such flops. I have tried to do the braid out by making individual plaits, but it never turns out right. The sections are either too scanty and spaced out, or I lose my definition as I fluff and separate. Only my front bangs come out great. I've tried big braids, smaller ones, wet hair, dry hair....*sigh* Only my front bangs come out great. So this year I will attempt it by doing cornrows instead. I noticed the definition I got when I undid the cornrows during my wigging.
For demonstrative purposes
Look at that definition on that braid out!
source - pinterest
5. Stay on top of  my ends.  I had to trim quite some hair to get them back on point. This year horrible ends will be a thing of the past thanks to the steps I'll taking to keep them tip top.


Im intent on achieving this, this year. If I have any more, I'll be adding them to this post during the year. Im set, got a fresh trim, nothing but success! I can do it, oh yes I can!!

Have you set any hair goals for the new year?

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  1. Realistic and achievable goals. Glad to be able to follow your journey. And waiting to see those goals reached by the end of the year. All the very best hun


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