Monday, 5 January 2015

How to Trim on Dry Natural Hair Without Having to Blow Dry

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For my first educative post  of the year, I want to share how I managed to trim my hair without blowing it to get a good stretch.

When it comes to trimming, there is some controversy as whether to snip the ends dry or wet. I personally prefer to make the cut on dry stretched hair as I have a good idea of how much to remove. Also the shrinkage from wet hair can be deceiving and you'll end up cutting more than you may have planned for. Another thing is it's possible for me to see and feel the bad ends better when the tresses are dry.

I was not planning on using a blow dryer  as I didn't want to use any heat on my hair. So I got the bright idea to use threading as a method of getting that perfect stretch.
 I got a bundle of unused braid extensions to thread my hair.

Here are my steps :

1. Cowashed and deep conditioned.
2. On damp thoroughly detangled hair, I threaded 9 to 10 sections.

Just before the snip
I left the threading in for 2 days. I was just lazy to do anything other than moisturise my hair during that time.

3. Undid the hair one section at a time. With each section I would pass my fingers through it to remove shed hair and loosen it.
4. I then subdivided a section into smaller ones if the section was too big. Then I stretched the hair as far out as I could, holding the hair taut. I was pleasantly surprised to find that the hair got as straight as when it is blow dried.

Hair held taught
As I held a section, I saw and felt the rough, bad ends. And then I cut them off.
5. I felt for the rough ends and snipped, then twisted up the section to keep it out of the way and differentiate the trimmed hair from the yet to be cut hair.

Twisted up sections 

All done
After my hair  was done, I decided to do some mini twists, however they are larger than I normally make them for ease of undoing. Since the first part of the Ms. Direction healthy hair challenge is a no heat challenge, I plan to get another wig. I will be undoing these in two weeks I guess, for the wig that's why I didn't want them smaller.

I then styled my twists in front doing bantu braids, to make them extra curly and swirly. I pulled the hair into a cute knot at the back. Was too busy taking selfies to remember to photograph the back.

So that's how I trimmed my hair without blow drying or flat ironing.

How do you trim your hair?


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