Wednesday, 14 January 2015

January Inversion Results

Hi Doves!

How are you?

Im so excited to share my results from the inversion method. Remember I said I would employ it to enhance my growth after my trim?

What is the inversion method?
Basically this is a method used to enhance growth within a week. People who have used it have gotten up to one inch ( and even more depending on their growth rate) after having done it. The key ingredients to its success I believe is the rush of the blood to the scalp, coupled with the scalp massage.

How is it done?
1. Warm up your oil of choice
2. Massage the scalp for some minutes
3. Tilt your head in a position which will allow the blood to flow to you head, for example bend to touch your toes, or hanging upside down over the edge of you bed.
4. Remain in this position for 4 minutes
5. Rise slowly when you are done
6. Do this for 7 consecutive days, once a month

I inverted from January 1 to 7. (easy dates to keep track of) and then I waited till the 13th of January  (6 days later) to check my growth, as I don't know which day exactly my growth pops in afterwards...I just know it does from previous inversions when I was in braids. I would see my growth some days after I inverted.

So this was my starting length
I trimmed my hair on 26 December 2014 when I took the picture below, so it was just 5 days from the 1st of January.

Yesterday's length check


Comparison shot

SUCCESS!! This is why I love this method, that is way more growth than my usual 0.5 inch/1cm per month.
Unfortunately it does not work for everyone, so you would have to test it out for yourself.
Now a few precautions must be taken.
Don't do it if your are experiencing headaches, dizziness, nausea or any symptoms which may be exacerbated by the inversion. Also if you experience any of them during your inversion, please stop. And do consult with your doctor if you get these symptoms.
Secondly you can only do it once a month  because it is said that the body gets used to it and it will no longer become effective if you do it more often than that.

Have you tried the inversion method before?


  1. The inversion method has great results Bee, i had amazing results the last time i did mine congratulations on the inch gain well done will start mine on Sunday i cant wait and thanks for the motivation

    1. Thank you Curly Eva. All the best with your inversion, I'll pop in to see the results.

  2. Amazing results. Can't wait to do mine again next year. We are claiming more than 6 inches this year

  3. Great results! The growth is obvious

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  5. never tried this before.wonderful results tho

  6. Amazing result,will try mine out pretty soon


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