Sunday, 27 July 2014

Keeping My Satin Scarf on for Good!

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How are we my doves?
Protecting my hair at night with a satin scarf or bonnet has become a nightly ritual. I can't sleep thinking of my hair brushing against the cotton pillow case and getting dry with it uncovered. Everybody on a healthy hair journey and their mama knows what a pain it is to have their satin scarf come off in the middle of the night, and wake up in the morning to find it anywhere but on their head! Kinda left feeling like this when you wake up:

I used to get bald monkey syndrome every time! (poor monkey..) Well.... not until I recently discovered a new technique to keep it on my head. I was browsing youtube and found a video by Naptural85 showing how she keeps it in place. I couldn't find my usual satin scarf, so I used one of my other scarves (which I don't use on my hair).. Check it out.

                                                                       Step 1

Step 2

Step 3

1. Hold it lengthways, tying the shorter length around your head and secure it at the back
2. Gather the untied end of the scarf and bring each end to the front ( left and right side). 
3. Tie a knot over the front of your head.
4. All done!

The first knot secures it to your head and the second knot keeps it in place all night long. This method is foolproof.  My satin scarf does not come off anymore. No more waking up in the middle of the night for my scarf or feeling like madam monkey in the morning.

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