Sunday, 13 July 2014

Latest Buys

Hi Doves!

Just a quick update. I've been hit by the purchasing bug. So I got a couple of goodies for my hair.

Some hair butter, african black soap and a FREE satin bonnet courtesy of Afrorage an online shop based here in Windhoek. They stock the soap, hair butter, an oil mix and raw honey. They also blog on natural hair. I stumbled on them on a facebook group and the rest is history. I've been wanting some shea butter for a looooong time, but couldn't find any around. I was delighted to find out that their tropical hair butter is a mix of shea butter, avocado butter, coconut oil and essential oils. Since I just got some jumbo braids done, I will have the review out later when I undo them. Really can't wait to try it out.

I have been using black soap since the beginning of the year for my face and honestly I don't even know what face wash is anymore. I was using the dudu osun brand and I still have so much of it left, but I saw theirs and had to try it out. The dudu osun cleared up my eczema and evened my skin tone. It also has a lot of benefits like being anti aging (two hoots for eternal youth)  and lots more which my dear friend google can explain.

And lastly I bought a conditioning cap from Exclusive. It's a shop in town square just as you exit town square going to the parking lot. The last shop on the right if you are coming from Mr Price, facing the parking lot. It's also where I bought the dudu osun black soap. I really needed the conditioning cap for my heated deep conditioning sessions.

I also need to restock on my leave in and ors invigorating shampoo. 

Keep keeping that hair glam!


  1. Girl, I'm trying to keep my hair glam and you do the same! :0) I love the sound of your goodies. Thanks for sharing.


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