Monday, 3 November 2014

Molasses Wash Day

Hey doves

This was a wash day I did before I got twists installed.
One of my hair group members let me on about how she uses molasses during some of her wash I sped off to the kitchen to put it to work.

Molasses is the by-product from the sugar refining process and is known to be a very good dietary supplement. It is rich in sulfur, iron, B vitamins, selenium, manganese, zinc, and copper. 

On the hair front it 
-is anti-ageing due to the selenium, manganese and zinc in it
-creates smoother hair
-boosts growth
-helps hair to retain its black colour due to the copper it possesses
-is a moisturising treatment

You can deep condition with it or add some to your shampoo.

It has a very thick consistency. 

How I used it

1. Shampooed with clicks kids detangling shampoo
2. Deep conditioned for 1 hour with a mix of tresemme thermal recovery conditioner, 2 tablespoons of molasses, 1 tablespoon of honey, african pride growth oil and some olive oil.
3. Rinsed and t-shirt dried
4. Applied my leave in of glyco-lemon leave in conditioner and sealed with castor oil and hair butter.

All mixed up

The mix was fine for detangling, I didn't experience any problems with slip. My hair felt strong, not as soft as usual but there was definitely quite some softness to it. The growth oil is quite protein heavy, so I will skip it next time to make sure it wasn't a factor. Will I be using it again? Definitely! Especially in light of all its benefits.

Have you tried molasses before?


  1. I've never tried molasses before. Is it a humectant like honey?

    Don't Touch The Hair

    1. I have no idea whether or not it is a humectant, i'll research on it. But i doubt it should be left in the hair, given its super sticky and thick consistency.

    2. Exactly what I wanted to know


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