Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Timing it! Finding time to keep up with your healthy hair journey

Hey everybody!

How are we doing? Good, bad, sad, happy, depressed, jolly, so-so? Im just alright.

You know, whenever I have my hair out and rock some lovely style, I always get 3 questions:

1. Wow, is this your hair?
2. Isn't it hard to manage natural hair? (If I had a dollar...#millionaire!)
3. What are you doing to it? It's really growing.

And then usually after I answer question 3...

"Wow, all that.. where do you find time to do it?" ,  "Eish I don't have that time!" or "You really have time to do you hair eh? I just can't manage"


All lot of ladies are daunted by the amount of effort and time it takes to manage healthy natural or relaxed hair. They want length and health, but somehow the investment is always the thing that chases them away. And i'm sure you dear reader, are also trying to find a balance between actually having a life and wash day hehehe.

Well today I want to share a few tips and tricks to help you manage your time when on a healthy hair journey. Now it is very important to remember that if you realise something is important to you, you must and you will make time to fit it into your schedule. It really isn't that hard. Healthy hair is an investment which pays off in due season, so a little sacrificed time is definitely worth it.

1. Have a scheduled day which you dedicate to wash your hair
 Wash days take the most amount of effort and time.
If you have wash day on the agenda, you will have time. Also have a back up day which you know will be flexible in case you have something scheduled on your original wash day.

2. Multi-task
The major time consumers are deep conditioning and styling. You can do other tasks while you deep condition. You don't have to sit and wait for your hair to marinate... do some chores, cook, or get on some work you had been meaning to do. By the time your hour is up, you'd have completed two tasks.
The same goes with pre-shampooing, you can attend to other things whilst you wait to the product to do its magic.
If you are getting long term protective styles like braids or a weave, use that time to read up on some things.

3. To save time on styling, get a hassle free protective style that requires minimal effort to moisturise and wash 
Braid sprays cut down on moisturising time and wash day in a weave or braids is really short. During the week , your hair already styled and you'd have killed two birds with one stone-keeping your hair protected and minimised styling time.

4. Pre-shampoo overnight or deep condition on dry hair
If you pre-shampoo overnight, when you wake up you can jump straight into wash day.
Deep conditioning on dry hair acts as both a pre-poo and deep conditioning session. Then all you have to do is shampoo, instant condition and you're done with the washing!

5. Deep condition with heat
Heat increases the rate at which the product sticks to the hair (adsorption) and is absorbed by the hair (absorption). So when i'm pressed for time, I use heat for 20 mins, then allow to cool for 10 mins and then I rinse off the dc and move to the next step. Easy peasy. You really don't always have to spend 1 whole hour with the product.

And PLEASE avoid short cuts like using a 2-in-1 shampoo and conditioner. It may seem like a good idea, but most 2-in-1s still contain sulfates that strip your hair and are drying. You will need a follow up conditioner. Also the conditioning agents in the product have a different charge than the cleaning agents. This makes them stick to each other and your hair, which causes build up over time. So please don't do it.

What are your time saving tricks?


  1. So true Bee.
    Dc'ing on dry hair has drastically shortened wash days for me. Love it

    1. Im with you on that. I just did it for an emergency wash, boy was it quick!

  2. Fantastic Tips, Bee. I usually use tips 2 and 5. I can't do #3 because I usually wash my hair in the evenings.

    I nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award. Check it out here.
    Versatile Blogger Award

    Don't Touch The Hair

    1. The number of times ive been found with a plastic bag covering my dc and a broom in my hand hehehe, multitasking saves a load of time.

      Thank you so much for the nomination, blog has been on autopilot for a busy season. I'll be getting on it asap :-)


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