Monday, 24 November 2014

Product Review: Tropical Hair Butter

Hi all!

Today im going to be sharing my thoughts on this Tropical Hair Butter I purchased from Afrorage some time in July.

Afrorage is a small online shop which promotes natural hair care. They also have a blog and facebook page under the same name. I placed my order by sending them an inbox and after a few delays I finally got my butter and a free satin bonnet (it was a promotional special). The butter goes for N$ 120.00 and is only available from them because they manufacture it.

No product promise but directions are that it should be used sparingly on the scalp and hair.

How I used it: to seal my hair, to oil my scalp

  • that a little goes a long way
  • that it is a mix of avocado and shea butters
  • that it is a heavy sealant
  • great for winter (for those whose hair loves butters)
  • that it contains all natural ingredients
Not so loving
  • the scent, smells rather medicinal
  • over use can make hair greasy
  • over use makes hair hard
My final thoughts
Honestly guys this was a miss for me. I used it for 2 months on and off, and really struggled to use it because it either made my hair hard, or the moisturising effects didn't last that long. I tried it on my scalp and got a tingling feeling. I ended up mixing it with castor oil to seal my hair and that made my hair softer. Majority of the mix was the castor oil and not the butter. My sister and mum tried it on their skin and loved how soft it made it though. I wasn't so keen on trying it for that. I believe the coconut oil in the ingredients is to blame for the hardness, because coconut oil doesn't work as a sealant for my hair and over use makes it hard. It could be good for those whose hair enjoys coconut oil or heavy sealants. I won't be repurchasing it.

Ingredients: avocado and shea butter, coconut oil blend, essential oils.

Have you tried this hair butter? What was your experience?

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