Friday, 7 November 2014

Senegalese twists and multivite

Hey all..

Interesting header right?
Well I got some twists done to protect my hair. I feel between the wigging and flat twists and twists with my own hair i've been manipulating my hair too much. I have also been battling some split ends and want to minimise further splits. So i'll be in braids for the upcoming months. I prepped for these twists by washing with sunsilk shampoo and dc-ing with ors replenishing conditioner. This was my first salon visit since April, so I had to blow dry my hair to prepare it for the plaiting.These took about three hours to do. I had three ladies working on them, and then later two. I decided to go for this maroonish red colour for loving it!

Now in one of the hair chat groups i'm in, two of the ladies have been mixing their diy braid sprays with crushed multivite and got some good growth. So im testing it out to see if it works.

My diy spray consists of glyco-lemon leave in conditioner, water, glycerine, rose water and witch hazel, olive oil and 1 and a half crushed multivite capsules. I didn't fill the bottle, so  I didn't think i'd need as much. I just recycled the old african pride braid spray bottle.

The pill contents are green, and they made the whole concoction green as well! Not exactly the colour of a product you'd want in your hair!

This is my starting growth. My twists are two weeks old and I just washed them. So we'll check in again before I take them down. Im also going to be using an oil potion I made: castor oil, lavender oil, vitamin e oil and olive oil on my scalp.

On that vitamin note, I take vitamin supplements. I can't even begin to know how I forgot to show y'all. But I just take the normal multivite pills and garlic to control shedding. I take the garlic on and off. I took biotin pills in the past and I saw rapid growth. But when I stopped, I shed like a cat, goodness!  Right now im taking these ....

I was advised by Petite Diva to only take one multivite tablet, either the suplimax or the vital for women and not both. So I only take one of those for now.

And lastly, I know I owe y'all a tutorial for the flat twists. I'll do it as soon as possible. I'll try and see if I can recreate them with my twists, if not then i'll have to do it when my hair is out.

What's new with your hair?

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