Friday, 15 August 2014

TWA Love..For the Teeny Weeny Afros

Hi Doves!

Teeny Weeny Afros or TWAs (as the are commonly abbreviated) are beautiful  and making a comeback all over campus..and the world! As more and more people are getting into natural hair, they usually decide to cut off their hair and start afresh. 

Here are some hair care and styling tips for the baby fro:

  • Keep your hair moisturised with a braid spray that is either shop bought or homemade, then you can lightly seal with an oil or shea butter. Or use a good leave in conditioner and seal in the moisture with an oil or hair butter
  • You should still wash it often to keep it soft, moisturised and to condition it.
  • A lot of people enjoy cowashing , which is using a conditioner instead of shampoo, to clean your hair. It is great for a moisture boost or midweek clean!
  • Comb your hair when wet, damp or just after it has been moisturised. Although when your hair is still between 1 and 3 inches you can still manage ( and I mean manage, don't do it if your hair hurts or suffers when combing dry) to get away with dry combing (still best to do it immediately after you've moisturised it in order to minimise breakage and tangles).
  • Afro combs and medium toothed combs can be used , as a wide toothed comb may not be as effective in detangling. But once you hit the 4 - 5+ inches mark, it's best to switch to wide toothed.
  • This is your time to experiment with products  and see which your hair likes. Enjoy it.
  • Wash n gos are great just wet your hair during bath time, apply some condish, rinse out. Apply some product to keep the hair moisturised and you're done! Enjoy the wash n go stage.
The main problem a lot of people face is that they feel limited to the shaggy afro look or combing it into a neat mini-fro until it starts growing out. I'm an advocate for loving your hair at every stage because there are things about each stage that you take for granted and will miss at the next stage. For instance, I miss wearing my afro out because these days it becomes tangle city and too cumbersome to detangle after fro-ing it. So I hardly wear my fro.

Enjoy :-)










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