Monday, 11 August 2014

Wash Day - Straight Flexin'

Hi Doves!

I finally undid my hair over the weekend and I miiiiiiiiiiisssed it! So I decided to pamper it and try out something new, a flexi rod set!
So I rubbed some olive oil on my braids and let that sit for a while, I started undoing them. It took me about three hours because I was detangling as I went. Once I undid a braid I would coat it with a mix of olive oil, sunflower oil and coconut oil, detangle with my fingers and then move on to my next braid. When a section was complete I twisted it up and moved on. 

1. I pre-pooed for two nights (friday evening and saturday evening). So I only had the wash to do on sunday.
2. Shampooed with ORS Invigorating Shampoo- y'all know I love this stuff!
3. T-shirt dried for 15 to 20 mins then applied my deep conditioner, a mix of ORS Hairepair Nourishing Conditioner, Aquamarine Green Apple Conditioner, olive oil, sunflower oil, coconut oil and aloe vera. Detangled with my wide tooth comb, i had a few tangles, but nothing I could not handle.
4. Applied heat , then put on my heating cap to preserve the heat and let my hair marinate for an hour.
Four weeks' worth of shed hair 

Oh mi gosh!! I'm so never doing smaller sized braids or twists again, jumbo braids are the truth, my shedding after 4 weeks was soo minimal I was so shocked. #winning!!
The shrinkage is real!

5. Rinsed out the condish..I'm beginning fear that my hair will one day turn on me and not be so soft each time I DC! lol. I'm loving the soft fluffy hair each week. 
6. T-shirt dried for about 30 mins..then I let the hair air dry till it was 50% dry before I started with the flexis and my leave ins.
7. Applied my Dr Miracle's Curl Care leave in, some ORS wrap/set mousse and then some castor oil to seal. I  Then took a smaller toothed comb and detangled once more to make the hair sleek and smooth. 
I'm so not comfortable with small toothed combs, I later switched to my wide tooth comb when I reached the crown and front of my hair.

8. Twisted the hair twice around the end of the rod to secure and then spiralled my hair. When I reached the base of the section, I secured the rest of the end around the base to keep it in place. 
Always remember to keep the hair taut as you twirl.

I had THE most restless night ever, which earned me a stiff and sore neck!! It's a wonder, I even managed a dream. Ayas, I think I will do my rods in the mornings so that by evening, the hair is dry and I can just wrap it in a silk scarf. The things we do for beauty smh!
The big reveal will be tomorrow or later today. I have to go off to school.

How was your wash day?


  1. Great Job , i tried using the flexi rods once , the curls didnt quite come out as i expected but it was worth the try.



    1. Thanks! Aww sorry about that. Maybe a second go would do the trick?

  2. Oh my, the shrinkage. I can't wait to see your curls

    1. Too real right? I'll also do a post on how they fared throughout the week.

  3. Hmmm, I'm taking notes. I think your technique gives great spirals

    1. Thank you Yvette, i'm still learning too. But thanks :-)


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