Monday, 11 August 2014

Wash Day: Braids Edition

Hey hey. This is was how my wash day went down last week Sunday (3 August). Seeing as I had braids, I  decided not to fuss too much about it. I had washed it the previous week as well, but it was nothing to write home about. So here we go.

1. Pre-shampooed for 1 hour with olive oil
2. Shampooed with ORS Invigorating Shampoo

3. Deep conditioned with a mix of tresemme thermal recovery conditioner (emptied it), aqua marine green apple conditioner, olive oil, glycerine, aloe vera, honey, sunflower oil and V05 Argan Oil with heat for 1 hour. I really wanted a moisturising boost hence the honey, aloe, and glycerine. I also threw in the sunflower oil for some ceramide power on my hair.
4. Rinsed out and allowed to air dry. The condish was very well absorbed into the hair, I applied the dc rather heavily leaving my braids looking rather white, and it all sunk in once the hour was up. My roots felt so niiiiiiiiiiiiice* Definitely remembering this power mix!
5. Once they were about 90% dry, I sprayed my braid spray and called it a night.

I took a look at the aqua marine conditioner and it has some really good stuff in it. I always dismissed it as having no slip because I tried the wild berries and fresh herbs conditioners in their line which really have no slip at all. But when I looked at the ingredients and applied some on my wrist, the consistency really surprised me. I can't wait to try it as a co-wash once my braids are out!

This was my fourth and final week of braids. I really missed my hair and could not wait  to have it out and about as the weather is getting warmer. *happy dance* Friday could not get around fast enough !

How was your wash day?

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