Thursday, 15 May 2014


I get soooo worked up, pissed, annoyed when someone tells me that afro textured hair whether relaxed or natural is ugly!!! This is a matter very close to my heart cause I wish people would just realise that afro hair is amazing.

I get so worked up when im told that african hair is nicer if it is mixed with caucasian or asian hair. "Ohh it curls and grows so long." or "Oh how I wish I had white or indian people's hair, its so long and I don't have to struggle with it." Let me just say, if it's long hair you want, a healthy hair journey will get you there. Afro textured hair has a different strand shape, which makes it curl and kink instead of grow straight or wavy. Therefore  the sebum from the scalp does not reach the rest of the strand after the first one to two inches. Resultanty our hair is dry and brittle, prone to breakage and will not grow long and healthy if not cared for properly.  And it doesnt help that a lot of people are ignorant to proper hair care, resulting in over fried relaxed hair or dull, lifeless natural hair. And this is the image people see and come to accept of african hair.

Because of this it means we have to take extra care of our hair if we want to see it healthy AND long. This includes properly moisturising, handling with care, using products that are good for the hair and eating a balanced diet which provides proper nutrients to the hair follicle.

Our hair texture is the only hair that is so versatile. We can weave, wig, cornrow, twist, braid, braid out, twist out, loc, relax or keep it natural. And BONUS unrelaxed hair can even stand up on its own (hello afro!). Even some of my friends from other races have said to me before that they like how interesting our hair can be. Black hair is beautiful and will always be.So yes, we have to work harder for nice hair, and our hair grows out kinky, coily and curly. But i would rather have my versatile 300-in-one-hairstyles-capable hair on any day. Our relaxed or unrelaxed strands are our crown and glory. Let's have some pride in our hair ladies!

P.S I havent forgotten about the wig post. It will be coming up shortly by the weekend. ;-)


  1. Girl you just spoke my mind. Great post.

  2. I love this post. We really need to be more proud of what we have. Our hair just needs a little love


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