Saturday, 10 May 2014

My Staple Products

Good products which benefit your hair's health are essential when on a hair journey. As time passes you find what products your hair loves and which it hates. Simple trial and error get you there. So as promised, these are the products  I LOVE for my hair.

Left to right: Castor oil, Grapeseed oil, Vatika oil

Castor Oil: I use this to oil my scal and seal my hair after moisturising. Best oil ever
Grapessed oil :This fairly new to my regimen. Mostly use it in my deep conditioners and oil mix 
Vatika oil: Used to deep condition, for oil rinsing and my oil mix
Olive oil: I use this to preshampoo my hair and add to my deep conditioners
Coconut oil: Used in my oil mix and when undoing my hair for a braid out or twist out
Rosemary oil: For my oil mix

ORS Hair mayonnaise: Used for my hard protein treatments every 5 weeks
ORS Replenishing pak: Deep conditioning treatment, i use it about every two or three weeks
Tresemme Naturals Nourishing Moisture Conditioner : used for the occasional cowash. Mostly used for my moisturising deep conditioning
Aussie Moist Luscious Long Deep Treatment: Moisturising conditioner. I just add it to any deep conditioning treatment i use.

ORS Hairepair Invigorating Shampoo: This is my sulphate free shampoo. I used it almost every wash day.
Aussie Miracle Moist Shampoo: Current sulphate shampoo used to clarify my hair
*Note, I use any sulphate shampoo thats on hand to clarify my hair. So I don't have a staple. Bad habit maybe? I just can't commit to one shampoo.

Dr Miracle's Curl Care Boosting and Defining Leave in Conditioner : All time fave leave in, leaves hair very soft, light and fluffy.
Sta Sof Fro Extra Dry Braid Spray: This is what I spray on my braids, love it.

There are a lot of benefits from some of the ordinary garden herbs out there and im a sucker for a few.
Aloe Vera: I add this to my braid sprays, deep conditioning mixex, on my hairline and when moisturising
Sage: Used in my tea rinse
Peppermint: Used in my tea rinse
Rosemary: Used in my tea rinse


Got to keep my strands protected  from the harsh elements (lol) each time i use a blow dryer or hair straighteners( flat irons). The V05 doubles as a curl scrunching spray. But i use it for blow drying, no heat damage so far! :-)  :-)

And lastly Apple Cider Vinegar..I use it in my tea rinse and to clarify or chelate (remove mineral deposits in my hair from the use of hard water). It is also very good for preventing an itchy scalp and eliminating dandruff.

Phew..What are your favourite hair products?

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