Monday, 5 May 2014

Winter survival

 Gosh it's beginning to get quite chilly here in the southern hemisphere and that means dry hair. But for me, winter just means its time to kick my hair care regimen to the next level. Now there are quite a number of pitfalls this winter. The main thing im aiming at stopping is dryness and breakage. 

See when i was in high school, i left my hair out the whole of june, boy...breakage city. My then relaxed hair just thinned and broke off. I vowed never to let my hair out during the colder months. And surprisingly, even with the little hair knowledge i had then, i ALWAYS made sure my hair was in braids during the winter to prevent breakage. And it worked. My hair  never broke off or thinned during that time.

So what am i doing this year? Hehehehe..Well i asked my Mum to get me a wig when she went home to Zambia, it is coming today!! :-)  So i will have my hair wigged up. Now during this time im also going to keep up my regimen. So i will probably wash once a week or once every two weeks (im not sure yet). Will continue moisturising and sealing every two to three days and of course oiling my scalp. Can't wait to see my wig!! I will post pictures up once it gets here.

Anyways a few winter tips i've learnt over the course of my hair journey also come in handy. I do more hot oil treatments to up my moisture levels. I also only use glycerine in my deep conditioners or shampoo. I hardly use it in my leave in products cause it draws the moisture out of my hair and into the air. Castor oil, my savior!! I seal with it during the winter time because it is so thick and my hair stays moisturised for longer periods. I discovered that last winter and now it is my staple sealing oil all year round. Oil rinsing has really helped to keep single strand knots at bay and additionally helps my hair to stay moisturised for longer periods too.

So thats about it. In the next post i think i'll talk more about my staple products. How are you dealing with the winter chills?


  1. Castor oil!! I have never looked back since I started sealing with it. I should do hot oil treatments more often.

  2. Congratulations on your blog Bee. Great to read your winter strategy tips will incorporate into my reggie as well...can't wait to see the wig and what kind of glycerine do you add to your deep conditioners?

    1. Thanks Veronica! I just add any brand of glycerine thats on hand really..Clere, Family Favourite, BP..


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