Wednesday, 28 May 2014

I Ran Away From The Salon


Well okay, not really...but I might as well have.
My mum was talking to my sis and I about getting our hair done. She wanted a two for one deal meaning my sis and I would both get our hair done by the same lady over the weekend (May 25 th). She wanted her to come over and do our hair at home.

But with this wig's my bff I tell you. I just told my mum that i'm not ready for any salon / salon related activities prep let alone coming anywhere near a hairdresser. She laughed and understood. See for me salon prep = pre-shampoo, wash, protein dc, moisturising dc, moisturise hair, apply heat protectant and blow drying (long wash day). Hairdresser = reminding her not to blow my hair before she starts even though she can see it's straight enough, telling her not to use a fine tooth comb, telling her not to comb from the roots and just general hairdresser-stalking-to-avoid-any-hair-damage-drama..

And..i'm not up for that. Plus I don't want to use any heat on my hair for the next few months. I got a lil heat happy in the beginning of the year which almost led to heat damage( I started blowing my hair straighter and smoother when I was preparing for the salon). I also saw a few straight and slightly looser curled strands, so I knew it was time to give it a rest. Just goes to show that even with heat protectant, you should always approach blowing your hair with care and a good dose of caution.

Anyway back to the main story..Funny enough I declined the salon day/ salon related activities before I had even read the lovely Fatima's salon roller setting fiasco. She has a great blog btw! After reading about her salon day, I just became more resolute in not going to the salon for some time.

The hair saga continues...

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