Thursday, 22 May 2014

Wiggin' it!

Hi Guys, it's been a minute and this wig post is looong overdue..

So on to the main business. Initially I got a synthetic wig. It was too shiny so I used some baby powder to reduce the shine. I simply sprinkled on a little, then brushed through. This did the magic and  everyone thought it was human hair. LOL.
Original synthetic wig

With attachable hair you pay for what you get and within a week that hair was looking raggedy as hell. I had to keep trimming and powdering each day to keep it looking smart. Luckily my plan was to buy some human hair and replace the synthetic hair with it.

So last week friday I purchased some 100 % Human Hair in colour 1 B. I then removed the synthetic hair from the wig net and sewed on my human hair. I had a few alterations to make here and there seeing as I don't have a manequin head. So it was sew and fit, sew and fit, till it was all done. I must say I am very pleased with the final result and this wig looks just like a weave! :-)
The hair i got

Final Look

How am I maintaining my hair underneath?
I cornrowed my hair and have a moisturising spray which I spray on my cornrows in the morning. It's just a basic mix of water, my leave in conditioner, some castor oil and grapeseed oil. I spray my hair with this, then lightly apply a coat of castor oil to seal in the moisture. 

The wig cap i got
I then put on my wig cap to prevent the hair from getting dry as well as to help the wig look smooth. I secure the wig with bobby pins to the cap and it stays in place all day! As for wash sessions,  I plan on washing and deep conditioning in the cornrows I plaited underneath. My last wash day I had to undo the cornrows and wash because I thought they were too old. The new ones I plaited are holding up muuuch better.

Overall I think this wigging has been the best decision ever, because I get the weave look without having any extra stress to my hair from manipulation and salon prep(blowing, combing, stretching etc). I get to keep my hair tucked away during the cold months whilst having easy access to it! Loving it so far, think i've caught a new addiction :-)

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