Monday, 5 May 2014

Welcome to Glamlushhair!!

Im Bee, a final year student. Im Zambian but currently residing in Namibia. Iv'e been on a healthy hair jouney since 2012..but now i want to share my hair experience with everyone. Cause every african woman can grow long healthy hair.

Kinda new to the blogging experience so i hope to learn as we go along.  Watch me share hair successes and failures. And i hope to learn a few tips from you too. So let's go and get this hair thing on the road shall we? :-)

This is my current length and a few pics of my hair. sorry for the bad pic quality i need to get a better camera. Yes im natural, but i love healthy relaxed or natural hair, because hair care is hair care!


  1. "....because hair care is hair care...."
    <3 <3
    just dropping in to show some Hairmily love
    wl b bk tho
    nice start, � !

  2. How do I follow you. Are you on either facebook or Google+

    1. Hi, im not yet on fb or google plus, looking into it darling. But you can subscribe via email. There is a box on the right hand side of the page where you can enter your details.


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