Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Aloe Vera and Some Cubes

Hello lovely people, how are we today? I got this aloe vera cubes idea from the lovely Lydz of Crowning Glory. Aloe vera is one of the best things that has ever happened to my hair!

-It's moisturising
-prevents dandruff
-normalises scalp pH
-prevents oily hair
-aids in hair growth
-smooths and closes the cuticle, great for those with really porous hair
-revitalises the hair and scalp
-is anti bacterial so you'll chase away any hair bugs
-makes hair incredibly soft

You can read the rest of its other benefits here and here.

The best form is the pure juice from the plant. We happen to have one at our place and everyone is using it. Fresh aloe vera cannot last longer than one week in the fridge. But freezing it keeps it just as fresh as the day it was extracted. So thanks to Lydz I now make aloe vera cubes. I grate the aloe, strain off the  flesh and then put it in an ice cube tray and into the deep freezer. Anytime I want to use it, I just get a cube and pop it into my dc mix, use it on my skin or add some to my juice to drink (not for the faint hearted, it is BITTER!!!). I don't have to go through the  tedious extracting process each time!
Ready for the freezer

What are your handy tips?

OK i'm busy with exams so the upcoming posting won't necessarily be about my hair till im done. Once i'm done with exams i'll have some product reviews and an update on my hair, winter etc.


  1. Bitter is right! I tasted it once and let's just say, my tummy was full trying to het the taste out. This is a nice, handy tip

  2. Bee i can doubt it will ever come near my mouth again, for my hair its a YES thanks had forgotten the kitchen handy tip with aloe i had just been buying of the shelf feeling lazy.

  3. This is so handy! I don't have the plant and just by the juice, but might have to buy a plant now!


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