Thursday, 26 June 2014

Wash Day

Hi Doves!

Hope you are all well. I don't post my wash days that often , but I think I will from now on.

Anyways this wash day was very aloe vera themed for some reason. It just "happened" to me, I kid you not.


1. Finger detangled and pre-shampooed with a mix of olive oil and coconut oil. Turned it into a hot oil treatment by covering with a plastic bag and using heat for about 15-20 mins. 

2. I was having some trouble retaining moisture so I knew it was time to clarify my hair, seeing as I hadn't clarified for 4 weeks. Clarified with Protein Feed Strengthening Shampoo diluted with water. Initial's okay.  

3. Deep conditioned with a mix of Tresemme Thermal Recovery (ran out of tresemme naturals, I like this one as well), a tablespoon of ORS Hair Mayonnaise for a bit of protein, two aloe vera cubes and a tablespoon or two of olive oil. Plastic bag on and used heat.
My hair is fine, meaning the width of the strands is thin. So I need more doses of protein more often than people with thicker hair strands.
This was also a lazy wash day. So after using the heat from the blow dryer, I put a towel in the microwave for 2 mins. When it was nice and toasty, I put it over my plastic bag. Then I put another grocery bag over that to preserve the heat. My head was soooo nice and warm. I only rinsed it out 4 hours l later when I realised wash day was not going to complete itself.
Four hours later..before rinsing out.

4. Rinsed out the DC. Hair >>> lovely, light and fluffy. Did my peppermint, sage, apple cider vinegar and aloe cube tea rinse. I just thought of adding the aloe on a whim.

5. T-shirt dried for 15 mins, then air dried for another 15 or so mins. Applied Dr Miracle's Leave in, followed by some aloe vera gel I found lying around in my hair product stand (I told you it was very aloe themed), and sealed with castor oil. 

It's been about a week since I washed my hair. I washed it last friday. Well my hair has remained nice, soft and moisturised. Aloe themed wash day was a mega hit. I may do it more often..we'll see. In other news, I finally found my beloved pink wide toothed comb which has been lost for over a month. It's seamless and works like a dream. *Happy dance*


  1. Thanks for the follow doll! Let me know how I can follow you back, if you have youtube or instagram. I love how you use protein on your hair. I am trying to stay away as my hair never gets enough moisture. Thanks again!

  2. I tried aloe once, and it was meh. I think I will try it again after seeing your experience with it

  3. Thanks Nerline. You can subscribe via email. Still working on spreading my wings lol.
    Hope it turns out better for you this time around Yvette.


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