Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Hidden dangers..

Hi doves, how are you?

I recently purchased some claw clamps to help keep my hair sectioned while I style, wash or manipulate it. Very handy dandy tools, took me a while to finally get them. Anyway as I was choosing them I noticed that they had some raised bits of plastic. Almost every one I picked up had some raised plastic from the manufacturing process.

Raised plastic edges encircled in red

The problem with these protruding edges in tools is that they snag and catch on hair, leaving it ripped midway (midshaft splits), broken or with split ends. So when buying hair clamps, banana clips, combs, brushes, tools and hair accessories make sure that they have seamless even surfaces. Same goes for working hair with your hands; jagged and rough edges on your fingernails catch on the hair and rip it.

The irony of the whole situation is that I was buying them in a beauty school shop. The one place where I would expect well manufactured So I purchased the ones with the least protruding plastic edges. Im now going to cut and file them down to even the surface.

Have you had a look at your hair tools and accessories lately?


  1. I have been looking at my products more too. even nails!! Such a good discovery!

    1. Yep, always paying attention to my nails these days

  2. I think I should open my eyes wider. Lol.
    Yvonne, our nails are usually the culprit.and we never even suspect

    1. Lol.. I think people on HHJs are the most neurotic when it comes to some of these things lol.


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